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Our Distorted Reality

Spiritual author Tiana Islam says The Great Awakening that we have all become a part of has made her question everything. “Basically, everything we know and have held as sacred truth in our lives is just one big lie.”

Think the Big Bang Theory, dinosaurs, the holographic universe, invented diseases, theory of relativity–all of it has come under scrutiny, especially from John Hamer, who’s authored The Falsification of History and The Falsification of Science. He shares a story of a book written more than 100 years ago that has become the blueprint for the New World Order, which accurately predicts what’s going on today. “It’s a blueprint for the subjugation of humanity. It’s a blueprint for where they want to see us as a human race, in a state of complete and utter control.” In the following edition of the “Charlie Ward Show,” Hamer and Islam continue their discussion.

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