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O.J. Didn’t Kill Nicole

George Webb reports on Twitter that O.J. Simpson did not murder his ex-wife, Nicole Brown. He says Brown was the victim of a cocaine drug deal gone bad and stabbed to death by a Colombian hitman.

On the night of the murder in Brentwood, Calif., the Twitter video says Brown, who was deeply in debt to drug dealers, was at the Mezzaluna restaurant to make a cocaine connection. She met with Ron Goldman, who was not only allegedly a waiter at the restaurant but a coke broker and bagman for the drug ring. Brown, who purchased the cocaine from notorious drug dealer Jimmy Ippolito, told him O.J. would pay for the transaction. The couple then went to Brown’s home where they were confronted by the Colombian, O.J. and others.

When the Colombian demanded money from Brown, Goldman attempted to come to her defense and was brutally stabbed to death. Brown was killed moments later. In the following video, Webb says there were other witnesses to the whole ordeal. He adds that on the same day, three of O.J.’s partners in a Miami Beach bar were murdered but the deaths were covered up by the CIA. Simpson was acquitted of murdering Brown and Goldman, although he was found guilty of the deaths in a subsequent civil trial. As always use your own discretion. Here’s the video.


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