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O.J. Didn’t Kill Nicole

George Webb reports on Twitter that O.J. Simpson did not murder his ex-wife, Nicole Brown. He says Brown was the victim of a cocaine drug deal gone bad and stabbed to death by a Colombian hitman.

On the night of the murder in Brentwood, Calif., the Twitter video says Brown, who was deeply in debt to drug dealers, was at the Mezzaluna restaurant to make a cocaine connection. She met with Ron Goldman, who was not only allegedly a waiter at the restaurant but a coke broker and bagman for the drug ring. Brown, who purchased the cocaine from notorious drug dealer Jimmy Ippolito, told him O.J. would pay for the transaction. The couple then went to Brown’s home where they were confronted by the Colombian, O.J. and others.

When the Colombian demanded money from Brown, Goldman attempted to come to her defense and was brutally stabbed to death. Brown was killed moments later. In the following video, Webb says there were other witnesses to the whole ordeal. He adds that on the same day, three of O.J.’s partners in a Miami Beach bar were murdered but the deaths were covered up by the CIA. Simpson was acquitted of murdering Brown and Goldman, although he was found guilty of the deaths in a subsequent civil trial. As always use your own discretion. Here’s the video.


DC Eyes Election Takeover

President Trump weighs in on the Antrim County, Michigan, news. DC Democrats seek to take over elections and secure their power. O.J. Simpson endorses Liz Cheney. And Melinda Gates reveals that she was uncomfortable with Bill’s cozy relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. More from RedPill78.

The [Deep State] is continually pushing the big lie. They are panicking that the American people will see the truth. What we are witnessing is the show. The patriots wanted the people to see what type of world the [Deep State] has planned. The people are rejecting their world. The [Deep State] house of cards is tumbling down. The people are seeing more and more each and every day, rain is coming, pain is coming. The [DS] will have no place to hide. Enjoy the show. More from the X22 Report.

Is the cyberattack on US pipelines a distraction from the covid origins investigation and election audit news? In other words, how far will the CIA go to destroy America or thwart our political independence? More from JustInformed Talk.

A Tale of Three Houses

In Pursuit of Truth goes all pursuity in relating the tales surrounding Michael Baden, the forensic pathologist called in to investigate the death of Jeffrey Epstein. Baden has had a long career, having probed the deaths of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, as well as testifying at the O.J. Simpson trial. Here, we scroll through a variety of houses where MK-Ultra fillies and pedigreed journalists, including Martha Mitchell and Dorothy Kilgallen, met their fates.

Don Lemon is sued for sexual assault. The Google tech insider is revealed. The guards at the Manhattan Correctional Center were falsifying their records to make it appear they were checking in on Jeffrey Epstein every 30 minutes, when, in fact, they were not. Here we meet a woman said to be a close confidante of Ghislaine Maxwell — editor and publisher Ariadne Calvo-Platero, a founding partner at Family Central Consultants. She is also a trustee and vice president at the Train Foundation, which has sponsored the international Civil Courage Prize. It honors extraordinary individuals whose acts, undertaken deliberately, over time, have demonstrated “steadfast resistance to evil at great personal risk.”  More from RedPill78.

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More and more people are entering the Presidential race. The latest: Al Sharpton is thinking about it. Nadler impeachment is denied by a judge. The wall is being built on the border and it is working to keep undocumented immigrants out of the US. Trump just made a major push towards voter ID. The gun control debate is about tracking all weapons, doing away with the Second Amendment. Strange pics surfaced: Bill Clinton in a dress with heels. The [Deep State] is being exposed with truth. As the facts come out, the people will see who and what they are. There will be no need to expose them because they will expose themselves. More from the X22 Report.


Was O.J. Really Guilty?

A new miniseries, The People vs. O.J. Simpson on the FX Network, is bringing attention back to one of history’s most famous trials, and reviving the question: Was O.J. really guilty? PJTV political commentators Andrew Klavan and Bill Whittle weigh in on the issue.

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Sanders’ Proposals Costly

“According to the Wall Street Journal, the cost of Bernie Sanders’ proposals would be $18 trillion,” Jodi Miller reports. “Or as he and his supporters call it–free!” Miller also sets her sights on President Obama, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley, Bill Cosby, O.J. Simpson and Waffle House in this edition of NewsBusted.

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O.J. Pissed At Obama

“According to the National Enquirer, O.J. Simpson is furious with President Obama for denying his request for a pardon,” Jodi Miller reports. “Legal experts say, Simpson’s best chance for being set free by Obama is to join the Taliban.” Also featured in this edition of NewsBusted are Hillary Clinton, Iraq, Mosul and IRS e-mails.

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