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Hillary Clinton Executed?

Has Hillary Clinton been executed for committing crimes against humanity? That’s the word from Simon Parkes, a conservative pundit whose family members played a prominent role in British intelligence.  In a video he released Saturday, Parkes says he understands Hillary Clinton has been executed after facing a military tribunal for her crimes.

Parkes did not say who presided over the tribunal involving Clinton, or where it was staged, but did say many tribunals have been conducted at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, as well as inside the White House in the District of Columbia.

“I do believe that the real, original Hillary Clinton is no longer on the planet,” Parkes said. “I do believe that she was one of the very few that refused to divulge or do a plea bargain or do any discussion. I do think there are some of these characters that will never come back again.”

Parkes said watch for word of the tribunals to become public soon. He also said we can expect some to be held in public, quite possibly at the Hague in the Netherlands, placing them on a world stage.

Both the White House and Buckingham Palace have been closed, he said. He implied both buildings had been centers for derelict action, occurring in underground tunnels below the facilities, but he added, “all of the tunnels were washed and cleaned out.”

It’s not clear if the White House or Buckingham Palace will ever reopen or remain forever closed. We will bring you updates as we get them.

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5 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Executed?

  1. Rebecca Thomas-Hajrulla on said:

    I have a very difficult time believing this nonsense especially when Biden and Obama are still in office…

    • We have a difficult time believing as well, seeing as how Hillary Clinton has eluded punishment for many crimes over many years. We report it: Not only because we trust Simon Parkes, but we have seen similar reports from American sources over the past couple of days. So it is possible the globalist Cabal and its evil witch are finally getting their just treatment. Stormy

      • Retired on said:

        Horseshit clickbait!

        “Trust the plan,” said a CIA Bolshevik psyop copycat.

        “Joe Biden will not take the Oath of Office.”

        “The military raided the CIA in Germany.”

        Nobody is coming to save us.

        You can’t vote your way out of this.

        Just. Shut. Up.

      • We have no intention of shutting up. That’s your prerogative if you’re convinced it doesn’t matter anyway. But that’s not how we think at all. Stormy

  2. So Parkes has no problem going back to the evil YouTube? Sorry, I have zero respect for anyone who stays on YouTube. It shows you have no principles.
    There are so many alternative platforms out there that there’s absolutely NO excuse for anyone to do this. 😛

    I’m starting to believe that Hillary may really be gone now.

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