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She Actually Said It

The Biden administration is now openly admitting it leans on social media platforms to engage in censorship. The target, says White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, is supposedly covid “disinformation.” One wonders how many of the individuals being censored are actually just opponents of our brain-dead president Joe Biden?

Censorship is a very slippery slope, and patently un-American. Figures that the Democrats would embrace it. More from Mark Dice.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki gets SLAMMED for urging Big Tech to BAN users across all social media platforms. According to Jen Psaki the White House is ‘flagging problematic posts’ on social media. She went on to declare that anyone spreading misinformation and disinformation must be banned on all platforms. Critics BLAST the move as authoritarian, pointing out that it sets a dangerous precedent. Biden gets ROASTED on Twitter after claiming that Facebook is murdering people. Meanwhile, a Federal Judge orders Biden to end DACA. More from Mr. Obvious.

Just who are the dozen individuals the Biden administration wants censored off Facebook, as well as presumably Twitter, YouTube and other social media outfits? Lift the Veil brings us the Dirty Dozen and they include a number of vaccine critics we have cited or highlighted before, among them, Sherri Tenpenny and Robert Kennedy Jr.

Does the Biden administration actually believe these individuals are spreading falsities, or is the intention of the administration simply to shut up its critics? And if this censorship proceeds, what kind of censorship will we see when it comes to even more explosive issues, like how Joe Biden criminally stole the 2020 election and who, among the Washington, New York and national elite, was deeply involved with Jeffrey Epstein and his child trafficking, torture and cannibalism?

Stay tuned. We expect the ride to get bumpy ahead with much more censorship being applied by the Stasi-like machine behind what is called the Democratic Party.

Solicitation Signs Won’t Stop ‘Em

As the Biden administration peddles its plan to send door-knocking missionaries across America to spread ‘va x awareness’ (and keep track of who’s vaxed and who’s not), White House-coordinated FEMA “surge teams” are being assembled to reinforce local efforts on the ground.-They are being told to ignore “No Soliciting” signs, and to use a script the Biden administration has developed to push vaccines. More from Dahboo77.

Joe Biden’s green-shirted mob isn’t exactly winning over any friends. Here, we see an example of the kinds of confrontations occurring as these governmental goons invade private neighborhoods and try to harass private citizens. More from Not Fake News.

Will Kamala Cost Demon Rats?

Devastating insider leaks are showing just how Leftist Kamala Harris is. As a U.S. Senator, she was ranked to the left of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. What compelled Joe Biden to appoint her as his running mate? Can we afford to have a hardened Leftist so close to the White House? Will her polemical nature cost the Democrats in 2022? More from Lisa Haven.

Time To Clean The Swamp

Will we have to wait until 2022 or 2024 for President Donald Trump to return to the White House? Not if the Sarge from Icons and McAllister TV are correct. Here, they are talking about the growing chatter that Trump could be reinstated. Why? Because he won, pure and simple. The Democrats cheated, and everyone — even the lying, Leftwing mainstream media — knows that.

Sarge and Linda Paris from McAllister TV discuss some of the particulars we might expect to see. There’s talk of the military cleaning up irregularities and getting into tribunals.

Also, on tap: Why are certain banks mysteriously closing? Is The Swamp finally on the run? Can we subdue these child murdering swine and end their shameless human trafficking?

This is part 1 of a two-part series. Watch for the followup over the holiday weekend.




Time To Return To White House

The [Deep State] is panicking. They know the election audit is not going to show the election was the most secure election ever. They know what they did: They cheated and once the election audit results are reported, the people will know. Trump and the patriots are not trying to win battles. They are trying to win the war. Is it a coincidence that vital information is being produced while Trump is out of the White House? Dan Scavino continually puts out messages about Trump returning to the White House. It’s almost time. This is about exposing and destroying the [Deep State] system. More from the X22 Report.

Trump Reinstatement Chatter

It’s the elites’ worst nightmare. In today’s episode of Red Pill News, we talk about the prospect of Trump’s return, the panic of the elites and the Arizona audit updates and more! More from Redpill78.

Unbelievable reports out of CA and GA show it’s not American citizens who voted in the election or were in charge of the process. Join me for a peak at POTUS 45’s promise that it won’t be long before more info is revealed and everyone will admit that WE WON! More from Lori Colley.

Trump: “I Did Not Concede”

A defiant President Donald Trump says do not count him out. “I did not concede,” says the former president, who still harbors hopes of returning to the White House after proving the Democrats used subterfuge and corruption to steal the 2020 Presidential election. In his latest Destroying the Illusion video, Jordan Sather discusses the president’s odds. In addition, he talks about Tucker Carlson demolishing the FBI and a new UFO report coming out soon, as well as new vaccine updates.

And We know also reflects on President Donald Trump’s refusal to concede, noting that as many as 20 states are now in the process of doing more full-scale recounts to double-check the results from the scandal-laden 2020 election. Everyone knows the Democrats cheated. The question remains: Did they just steal a state or two, or did they fabricate millions of votes affecting the outcomes in scores of states? Also, why is Washington DC suddenly a ghost town? Have multiple agencies been shut down?

Baked Potato

Ex-White House physician demands Joe Biden take a cognition test. In other words, we need to see if this so-called President has a few loose screws. More from The Salty Cracker.

Economic Apocalypse Pending

Bob Kudla joins Zak Paine for another conversation about the economic state of America and what’s to come. Look for gold and silver, as well as cryptocurrencies, to shine in the year ahead. But there will be turmoil, especially the home rental market, as companies like Blackrock scarf up more of the dwellings on the market. More from RedPiull78.

The controllers at the White House can’t be too happy with their boy Joey. What a mess at the G7! God’s promises never fail, and things are getting HOT in the key audits where 13 states who—like the original 13 colonies—are taking notes. More from Lori Colley.

On today’s second episode of RPN, we look a little deeper at some new information from Fulton County and look ahead at the audits coming I the wake of Maricopa County completing theirs! Happy Birthday Mr. President! Also, a secret Department of Justice investigation has been revealed on some high-level Democrat members of the House, including Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff! More from RedPill78.

Biden Abuse Victim Speaks Out

Military tribunal witness and sex-trafficking survivor Madyson Marquette reveals some shocking details of interaction with the elite of Hollywood and global politicians, including Joe Biden and George Soros, among other actors. Marquette says she was “owned” by Derrick Hayes of LA Direct Models, who also trafficked her through the adult film industry.

Marquette told the GreatBritishBird (GBB) podcast she’s testified more than 100 times before military tribunals, which allegedly took place at the White House, although she would not confirm the location, claiming she was under gag order. She did confirm testifying against multiple people, one of which was Joe Biden.

Marquette says Biden was the final person she testified against, although she’s not so sure it was the real Joe Biden, but possibly someone with a Biden mask. “Joe Biden was there–a Joe Biden,” she says. “They kept saying identify who he is, but how do you identify someone in a courtroom when you know that’s not him.” Marquette added that she has evidence of all her rapes and torture and ID’d Biden as one of the perpetrators, only not the one in the courtroom. Here’s more of her experience, with commentary from GBB’s Clare Akell.





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