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Melania: ‘Never Say Never’

In her first sit-down press interview since leaving office as First Lady, Melania Trump talks with Fox & Friends about her years serving American with President Donald Trump and leaves open the possibility of a return to Washington DC. “Never say never,” she candidly says. We’ll take that to mean: Yes, she’s ready…and tested.

Jabs Killing More Minorities

HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra admitted that vaccines are killing minorities at twice the rate of white people. Speaking at the Convening on Equity Summit in D.C., Becerra said Blacks, Latinos and indigenous people were most victimized by the jabs. Was this an admission of guilt or a slip of the tongue? Infowars’ Alex Jones explains.

Forced Jabs For Everyone!

World Alternative Media reports the White House has announced a second Covid-19 summit, along with several other nations, to further its plan to forcibly vaccinate everyone, everywhere.

Due to the apparent failures of the vaccines previously, the summit aims to leverage their plan by going after your money by imposing social-credit restrictions. Host Josh Sigurdson welcomes The Liberty Advisor’s Tim Picciott to discuss the sinister plan.

The Next Jen Psaki?

The White House tries out a host of new recruits hoping to replace Jen Psaki. More from The Babylon Bee.

New Bodies Coming For All

New Intel! All major drug dealers worldwide worship Satan, except Pablo Escobar! Soul-sucking, demonic wormholes! Vatican…White House…Windsor Castle… all being shut down!

Crown controls the drug dealers! New cures coming! New bodies for all of us! No more drugs. They will be a thing of the past! Increased lifespans! Things are about to change! More from McAllister TV.

By the way, she opens with a stern warning to Jordan Sather, telling him “you keep my name out of your mouth!” Sather has been badmouthing McAllister TV, much as he spends a lot of his energy and time tearing down a host of truth tellers. We don’t run him much anymore. He gotten reckless and arrogant.

Calls To Remove Biden

A string of massive foreign policy gaffes in the last week has evoked a litany of calls to remove Joe Biden from office. Liberal Hivemind takes a closer look at the dire circumstances in the White House.

Putin, Bio-Engineers Executed?

McAllister TV’s Linda Paris says she has obtained new military intel from her sources, revealing Vladimir Putin and 12 top bio-engineers have been executed. She said all 13 were beheaded, the execution was recorded and sent to DARPA, where what’s left of the Khazarian Mafia and Nazi armies have been detained. While Call Me Stormy has yet to confirm Paris’ report, we warn viewers to use their own discernment and judge the material for yourself.

Paris also reports that hospitals and radiology labs are coming down as part of the Great Awakening and will be replaced by “medical ships,” or floating hospitals, a plan, she says, that has been in the works for years. They will be equipped with med-beds and other advanced technology. Here’s more of her report.


Enter… The Wolk

Anthony Fauci shows up at the White House with a bag of boasters, spurring an obscenity-laced tirade from Joe Biden. More from Kyle Dunnigan.

Truth About Russian Invasion

With the mainstream media in the firm grasp of the Deep State, Dr. Syed Haider joins the Infowars podcast to break down what’s really going on with the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Haider tells Infowars that the order we have in the world is coming to end, but unfortunately, the U.S. is still stuck with unfunded liabilities and is in tremendous debt. We needed someone to blame, other than the Biden Administration’s failing policies, he says, then the Covid-19 pandemic conveniently sprouted and became our excuse. Now, with the pandemic winding down, along comes the Russian invasion.

Says host Owen Shroyer, “Biden has been outmaneuvered and out-strategized since Day 1. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that, since Biden’s been in the White House, Putin has invaded Ukraine twice.” Here’s more analysis from Infowars.

Hillary: Shameless Lawbreaker!

In today’s episode we examine the new Durham filing which confirms everything we knew about the hierarchy of Hillary Clinton’s paid spying operation on candidate and President Trump…AND Bob Saget’s potential murder. More from RedPill78.

Former Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker says the Clinton spying was “nothing short of Watergate.” Whitaker reacted on Monday to Special Counsel John Durham’s filings tying the Clinton campaign to an effort to hack Trump Tower and the Trump White House. Whitaker spoke on Monday’s “National Report” on Newsmax.

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