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China’s Texas Land Grab

A company with ties to the Chinese Communist Party is scarfing up land in south Texas at a rapid rate. Company CEO Sun Guangxin now owns more than 130,000 acres near the Texas-Mexico border and close to a sensitive Air Force military installation. Guangxin is a former general in China’s People’s Liberation Army and one of the largest landowners in Xinjiang Province.

The Texas land includes a large wind farm in an area where there is not much wind and an approximate 5,000-foot landing strip, which Guangxin expects to expand to 10,000 feet. Says Kyle Bass, founder and principal in Hayman Capital Management, “This is happening in the United States and this general is actually interfacing directly with the critical infrastructure of the United States.” Bass says Guangzin’s ulterior motive is to eventually plug into the U.S. electric grid. He added that Guangxin used a front man in Luftkin, Texas, to purchase the land.

Does the The Great Texas Blackout earlier this year ring a bell? This whole scheme spells bad news for the U.S. Here’s more with Bass on Epoch Times TV, courtesy of  the Wardo Rants channel.


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