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The Secret Code Book

In the following edition of  RenaudBe, a clip from the recently cancelled TV series “Colony” depicts how people might have to start communicating in codes to protect themselves and their privacy from the rogue and treasonous elements of the Deep State, including suspect government agencies such as the NSA, CIA and FBI.

Says Renaud Bedard, “The rest of the sellout spies in Facebook and other fake social media, are all really serving fascist, globalist, satanic, elitist thugs, like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers.” The secret book code works well, using the same edition novel, as in first letter 99-12-14 translating into Page 99, line 12 and the 14th letter. You could also add an additional first set of numbers to change from one book to another, even with extra numbers as a decoy.

Before its cancellation, “Colony” was increasingly imitating reality and the possible police state to come, with surveillance weaponized killer flying drones and their mechanized ground assaults. Here’s the clip, which is food for thought in today’s world.

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