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Social Media Out Of Control

Podcaster Bill Ottman is sick and tired of social media’s censorship policies and he’s not going to take it anymore. He says that not only are the major venues still censoring, shadow-banning and deleting accounts, but also many of the smaller sites are following suit. Here’s his report.

Zelensky The Sock Puppet

Ukraine is the most crooked country east Europe, if not on the planet, thanks to criminals like President Volodymyr Zelensky,  who rose to power via election fraud, fueled by professional thugs Klaus Schwab and George Soros. RenaudBe digs into Zelensky’s shady past and his penchant for nuclear weapons and bioweapons.

Trump’s Hole-In-One

As Tiger Woods makes his much-anticipated return to the Masters  golf tournament this weekend, we’re reminded of President Trump’s incredible hole-in-one recently. Here’s his miraculous shot, courtesy of ReanaudBe, on the lighter side of life.

Did Zelensky Flee Ukraine?

Many find it difficult to believe that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has been holed up in Kyiv throughout the crisis with Russia. But a recent video, featuring Zelensky speaking from the streets of Kyiv, appears to be a green-screen fraud. Could Zelensky have already fled Ukraine? Is he playing his fellow countrymen for fools? Here are some answers from Renaud News on the RenaudBe channel.

Fake News Faking Deaths

Renaud Bedard reports that the level of fake news from Ukraine is way beyond ridiculous. “Don’t trust any news media these days, its just so pathetic,” he says. ‘It’s all crazy levels of war-mongering lies and all those corrupt media are owned, or controlled, by the same war-profiteering evil monsters, trying to divide us.”

In the following clip, RenaudBe demonstrates how a media outlet was caught red-handed faking deaths in the Ukrainian crisis. As always, please use your own discernment.

Covid Emergency Phase Over

Addressing CPAC 22, Dr. Peter McCullough said the emergency phase of the Covid-19 pandemic is over, also calling for a full safety review of the vaccines after a million vaccine injuries in the U.S. and thousands of deaths. Here’s his address., courtesy of RenaudBe.

The Real Dr. Evil

RenaudBe exposes the real Dr. Evil, Yuval Noah Harari, transhumanist and top advisor to equally sinister Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum. These sickos are perhaps the most prominent members of the fascist, globalist pedo reset and transhumanist agenda.

Conducting what amounts to Satanic conferences worldwide, Schwab and Harari continue to spew what they believe is a seismic breakthrough in human engineering. Speaking at a recent conference, Harari said, “If indeed we succeed in hacking and engineering life, this will be not just the greatest revolution in the history of humanity, this will be he greatest revolution in biology since the very beginning of life.” Sadly among the “sheep” who have attended some of the disturbing conferences are fake Command in Chief Joe Biden and actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Here’s more from Renaud Bedard.

Aussies Recall 50 Million Jabs

Breaking in Australia, Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirmed that a massive 50 million doses of University of Queensland vaccines have been recalled. The jabs were scrapped after it was discovered they were triggering false positives for HIV.

Vaccine expert Prof. Nikolai Petrovsky raised the alarm early. “Our feeling was, it was too experimental a technology to be rolled out,” he said. The details from RenaudBe.

Trudeau’s Faked Vaccinations

It appears there was some trickery when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife, Sophie, showed up for their vaccinations. A registered nurse, who wished to remain anonymous, studied the video and confirmed the process was fake.

She says there were signs of Hollywood-style, trick retractable needles and it even appears the nurse allegedly injecting the vaccine was fake, since she failed to follow proper vaccination procedures. She explains further in this episode of RenaudBe.





Mandates Shut Truckers Down

A disgruntled Canadian-based truck driver warns to begin stocking up on food and supplies, because it’s only a matter of time before government vaccine tyranny shuts down the majority of the trucking industry in North America.

He says Canada’s latest Covid-vaccine mandate bans truck drivers from hitting the road if they are not fully vaccinated. A similar Biden Administration policy takes effect in the next week or so. Are the store shelves about to turn intentionally empty, thanks to the corrupt politicians? Here’s more from the RenaudBe channel.

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