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Bill Gates Arrest: Take Two

Yesterday, we ran the report from Real Raw News saying Bill Gates had been arrested July 27 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. More than 1,000 readers checked out the story the first few hours it ran. Was it accurate? says it’s based on truth. She believes the dates might have been changed, and Gates could have been arrested many months ago. But her reading, using a deck of Tarot cards, suggests he was, indeed, arrested and he has been singing like a canary ever since.

Otherwise, she affirms Juan O. Savin’s status as a truth-teller, saying “some of the best info comes from that fellow.” It’s not clear if Juan O. Savin is JFK Jr., as some maintain.

Also, she says people need to stay calm and keep their feet on the ground. There will be shortages of some vital goods in the months ahead. So there could be delays and some discomfort. But she says the cards don’t indicate devastation or disaster over the immediate future, so no need to panic.

If you missed yesterday’s Bill Gates, you can find it here:

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