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Clues Abound In JFK Jr. Mystery

Spaceshot 76 welcomes Jennifer Mac to the program to discuss updated clues on the John F. Kennedy Jr. mystery.

Mac introduces her new publication, Jr Lives For Dummies, in which, she says, includes tons of information from the extensive research done on the subject in the last four years. “It’s been hard to find the original sources of anything,” Mac says. “They’re like screen shots or copies of copies, so it’s been a challenge.” Here’s her report and please judge the material for yourself.

Trump Lensman Revives George

Gene Ho, longtime photographer for President Donald Trump and the Trump family, is reviving the magazine George. Published by John F. Kennedy Jr., George existed as a slick, over-the-counter magazine from 1995 to 2001.  Ho says the new George will be an online publication, rather than a traditional magazine. Ho speaks here with Nicholas Veniamin.

Hillary, Huma Sex Tapes

Christian Patriot News (CPN) reports the stage is set to drop the Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin sex tapes, along with their indictments, for crimes against humanity. The videos, which cannot be legally shown here according to CPN, reveal horrific torture of children.

In today’s episode, CPN also sources three-year delta Q drops, confirming “the storm” has definitely arrived. Q warns in one of the 2018 drops that most of the public is unaware of the storm, because 80 percent is dark ops, private activity. CPN digs deeper into the Clinton-Abedin mess, plus discusses the JFK Jr. rumors and gives his take on Nesara/Gesara.

Tarot By Janine: JFK Jr. Alive

When pressed by Nicholas Veniamin on the persistent rumors that John F. Kennedy Jr. is still with us, Janine Morigeau, founder of Tarot By Janine, responds with an adamant, “Oh, yes. Absolutely.”

She tells Veniamin that her tarot readings suggest Junior is alive and waiting for the right time to go public. She also cites a cryptic video clip from Washington, D.C., roving reporter Nancy Drew last year of a motorcade that included “The Beast,” the presidential limousine reserved only for the President of the United States. At about the five- to six-minute mark of the clip, you can hear an announcement that says: “Hold traffic on the avenue, President Trump and Kennedy released.” (the video was featured on Stormy on July 18, 2021, titled “A Trump, JFK Jr. Siting?”).

Janine brings us more details, plus she also discusses the manipulation of the weather by the Deep State and the crucial missing books of the Bible.

Who Is Juan O. Savin?

In one of the more dynamic videos in recent weeks, fellow podcasters Kerry Cassidy and David “Nino” Rodriguez exchange opinions on who the real Juan O. Savin is.

Is Savin actually Wayne Willott, the former private investigator from Washington state, as many believe, or is he John F. Kennedy Jr., poised to “come out” in a big way as part of the Great Awakening. Cassidy, who has conducted several interviews with Savin and hours of tireless research, thinks he’s Junior. Rodriguez, on the other hand, bluntly states, “He’s not JFK Jr.”

Tune in to watch the back-and-forth, plus news from Savin, according to Rodriguez, that Russia is moving troops into South America, and the revelation that President Trump is not waiting until 2024 to make his return. Here’s more and please judge the material for yourself. Video courtesy of 100th MonKeeZ.

The Future Is Orange

ThebigawakeningQ channel presents an inspirational montage of the Kennedy vision, dating back to President John F. Kennedy, which strikingly reveals that “The Future is Orange.” Please use your own discernment when watching the video.

Prepare For Global Emergency

Mass arrests are under way, involving not only politicians but also Deep State bureaucrats who have been trying to destroy individual nations and, instead, enact a global government.

McAllister TV says to prepare for disruption and be sure to have some cash on hand, as well as a full tank of gasoline and enough food to last at least 10 days, should grocery stores and other retail outlets close. In all likelihood, there could be communication blackouts, and possibly use of the Emergency Broadcasting System or EBS during this period.

Some of those leaders we have trusted will be proven enemies and arrested, McAllister TV host Linda Paris claims. She says Patrick Byrne is among them, and that he is already seeking a plea agreement and wearing an ankle bracelet. She also identifies former General Michael Flynn as someone who could be taken into custody.

On the flip side, she said, there are a raft of individuals who have gone under protective custody and could be coming back out of hiding soon. Among those she discusses: the pop stars Prince and Michael Jackson, Princess Diana and John F. Kennedy Jr. Will JFK Jr. become our last president, serving after Donald Trump? That’s among the possibilities she weighs.


JFK Jr: Our Next Vice President?

HAPPY SATURDAY EVERYONE! Can you feel it? So many people can see that IT’S HAPPENING!

Sarge from Icons and Dilara Esengil rejoin McAllister TV. John F. Kennedy Jr. will return. Could he become our next vice president? Military updates! Hollywood is dead! Their Babylonian shrine has gone black! Crooks fleeing! Empty streets! Hollywood assassins on the run!

Onward with the updates, including a look at the Intolerance portal in Hollywood, Babylon down and fashionable “women” with knobbly legs. Here’s more from McAllister TV.



JFK Jr. Among Us In Plain Sight

What if someone told you John F. Kennedy Jr. has been among us in plain sight? The Bluewater channel asks, “What if I told you the entire planet saw JFK Jr. the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration?”

Meet blue-eyed Secret Service Agent John Galt, aka John F. Kennedy Jr. Don’t let the silicone mask fool you. Bluewater tells us to concentrate on the lower third facial features, which match John John. Here’s the video. Study the features closely and use your own discernment.

Hillary And JFK Jr’s Reunion

Remember Sep. 11, 2016 when Hillary Clinton left a 9/11 memorial early, feeling ill? She stumbled as she was entering a van in New York City. Ostensibly, she had suffered from heat or fatigue and had to go recharge at her daughter Chelsea’s apartment.

But here, Miki Klann presents a different hypothesis. She believes Hillary stumbled because John F. Kennedy Jr. was inside the waiting van.

Hillary was in shock that JFK Jr. was still alive, as she had earlier attempted to orchestrate an assassination effort against him to keep him from running for the U.S. Senate seat in New York — the same seat that Hillary came to hold.

Klann is an avid researcher with interests in numerology and gematria, as well as astronomy and mythology. She helps operate the website Our Great Awakening at

bluewater presents this video.

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