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The Movement Of Thought

Many of us have spent a good portion of our lives meditating, marching to the tune of gurus on a Tibetan mountaintop or tending to protocol in search of inner peace and silence. A special guest, known only as Jay, tells Nicholas Veniamin that humans have lived for millennia on this Earth, thinking we have evolved and developed, but we’ve never really found peace or stability in ourselves.

He says the key to discovering inner peace and silence instantly is through observing, looking and actually seeing the movement of thought. “We’ve never looked at the function of what thought is and, to me, that’s insanity,” he says. “We live with thought every single day. It’s the closest thing we have to us, even more so than our loved ones, our family, because it’s there all the time.” Tune in as Jay takes us on a journey to uncover the mysteries of thought and inner peace, and reveals a bombshell prediction of what our minds will eventually accomplish.

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