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BLM Not Like Black Panthers

Larry Pinkney, former member of the original Black Panthers, vehemently disagrees with those who compare Black Lives Matter to the Black Panthers, calling it “disgusting, absolutely inaccurate and by no means true.”

He tells KLTV.News’ Kristi Leigh that BLM is hypocritical in that it collects millions of dollars and not one cent goes into black communities. He added that unlike BLM, the Black Panthers had alliances with people of all colors. “We didn’t say black lives matter, we said all lives matter,” Pinkney says. “Black Lives Matter seems to only care about black lives that are somehow taken by police or white folk, when in fact, most black lives that are snuffed out, I’m sad to say, are by other black folk.”

Pinkney, who spent nine years in a Canadian prison for charges he denies to this day, also discusses how he was victimized by Cointel Pro, a series of covert and illegal projects conducted by the FBI in the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s aimed at disrupting political organizations. Here’s more with Pinkney and Leigh.

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