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Covid Lunatics Down Under

The Australian Constitution tersely points out: The people are supreme and sovereign, not the government. They (government) are there not to rule over you. They are there to rule for you.

Problem is, the nation’s capital of Canberra has been overrun by lefties and the Deep State, thrusting an avalanche of lockdowns, mandates and Draconian measures on the citizenry. And their counterparts–the idiots who infest these foreign corporations, aka federal and state governments–must have been plucked from lunatic asylums. Says the liabilitymate blog, “These idiots are totally insane. They are not even slaves, they are filthy traitors.”

Meanwhile, Australian patriots are taking notice and overrunning the streets in protest, much to the shock of the powers that be. Liabilitymate tells us the rest of the story.

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