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U.S. Headed To Star Trek Future

Dr. Michael Salla, a self-proclaimed pioneer in the development of exopolitics–the political study of the key actors, institutions and processes associated with extraterrestrial life–says our planet is headed toward a Star Trek Future.

He says that in 2019, the Air Force Space Command, recently renamed Space Force, convened 60 experts from the U.S. and internationally for a workshop to hypothesize what space would look like in the next 40 years. They developed eight scenarios, but agreed the Star Trek Future was the optimal one. It involves U.S. and global expansion into space in three main categories–civil, with many people out in space; commercial, involving companies; and military, a coalition of like-minded space pals all doing the same thing.

Salla joins Brighteon Conversations host Mike Adams to further discuss Star Trek Future, plus he talks warp-drive travel, quantum physics, the Galactic Federation, telepathy and much more.

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