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End Of The American Empire

Journalist and founder of Mike Adams returns to SGT Report to discuss the treason of Joe Biden, his administration and his son Hunter, who based on leaked pages allegedly from his diary, hates his own father and wishes him dead. More from the SGTReport.

Dogecoin Was A Ponzi Scheme

Natural News’ Mike Adams says Dogecoin was always a Ponzi scheme from the onset. In a major blow to investors, the cryptocurrency tumbled from its high of 74 cents to 6 cents, a massive loss of more than 90 percent.

Investors immediately filed a $258 billion lawsuit against Elon Musk, claiming he used his influence and his Twitter account to hype the crypto and buy into it. “On the surface, that argument actually makes sense,” Adams says. “That’s a lot of what happened, but it wasn’t just Elon Musk. This is what happened across the entire crypto space.” Here’s more.

Mysterious, Mass Cattle Deaths

Mike Adams reports that the thousands of cattle dropping dead in Kansas alone–seemingly all at once last weekend–is being blamed on heat and humidity,

Is there a more sinister explanation? “In my view, I’m not buying it,” Adams says. “And there are a lot of people wondering if these cattle are being poisoned.” Adams says the deaths might be eerily tied to the massive fires–now totaling 94–that have devastated food-processing plants across the country in an attempt to sabotage the food-supply chain. He explains further.

Vaxxes Numbing the Masses

Mike Adams posits that vaccines are making the masses neurologically numb. He says they seem oblivious to the assault on America by rising inflation, out-of-control rent hikes and a 75 percent increase in fuel prices, while robotically repeating nonsense from the White House or corporate media.

So what’s really going on? “I think the spike protein is really kicking in,” Adams says. “The numbness has taken away their ability to think.” Here’s more from Adams in this episode of Natural News.

The Experts Are Wrong

In today’s “Situation Update” on Natural News, host Mike Adams explains why the so-called “experts” are dreadfully wrong on almost everything.

Adams says the problem is, the people are not allowed to challenge the status quo. “What we have is a system of obedience, mandatory compliance,” he says. Among today’s topics are carbon dioxide, climate change, gender insanity, economics and gun control.

Red States To The Rescue

Mike Adams says there’s no way the corrupt Democrats will shove their federal gun laws through the Senate. Why? Because these gun-control pushers will not get through the Senate Republican filibuster, since 60 votes are needed to pass the legislation. But even if the Democrats did succeed to pass their agenda, Adams says, the states would pass gun-sanctuary laws.

Furthermore, says Adams, any threat by the Dems to end the filibuster is out the window, too. “They’re not going to do it, because they’re about to lose the Senate and the House, and in 2024 they’re going to lose the White House. So, without the filibuster, the Republicans would bulldoze through all the BS laws that the Democrats have put in place all these years.” More from Natural News.

The Post-Apocalypse War

Are we headed for a post-apocalypse, Mad Max-like war between the underworld and the surface dwellers? Natural News’ Mike Adams says that is exactly what globalists are preparing for.

He says the globalists are preparing to turn the surface of the Earth into a kill-zone of chaos that is barely survivable, while they remain safely in their DUMBS, or underground-tunnel network. Adams explains further.

Biden Policy: Screw America!

While America continues to feel the pangs of the increasingly dangerous supply-chain shortages, the Biden Administration is shipping massive amounts of food to China, gallons of diesel fuel to Western Europe and $40 billion in foreign aid to Ukraine.

Natural News’ Mike Adams asserts that while multiple countries around the world are nationalizing  the important resources they need to survive, the Biden Administration empties its coffers with no awareness of the shortages in America. Adams explains further.

Engineered Food Scarcity

We are entering an era of engineered food scarcity and can expect political instability and quite possibly upheaval as well as a clampdown. That’s the analysis of the Ice Age Farmer Christian Westbrook, speaking here with Mike Adams of Natural News.

Westbrook says the Globalists have long been aware of the natural cycles, where the changing sun lengthens or shortens the growing season and levels of production. Now, we are seeing this knowledge exploited as a weapon to control humanity.

Three more food plant/ farm processing fires just happened around the United States, involving Cargill, JBS Meats and Nestle Hot Pockets food plants. Fires are destroying food processing plants, leading to a food supply chain collapse. More from The Economic Ninja.

The container shipping supply chain remains in the deepest crisis it has ever seen. As the massive backlog of containerships stuck outside Chinese ports is cleared to start sailing again, disruptions are rippling globally, and industry executives are warning that it will take several months to unwind the catastrophic logjam that is now forming. 

US ports are already scrambling with record volumes of cargo, a shortage of manpower, and truck drivers to deliver the goods across the nation. So if you find empty shelves again in the coming weeks – don’t be surprised.More from The Epic Economist.

Global Cabal On Shaky Ground

David Wilcock tells Mike Adams that the global cabal will be taken down ahead of the November midterms election. Wilcock also begins to reveal secrets surrounding the Cabal that have been hidden from the public.

We get a glimpse of efforts that have been taken to derail the Illuminati across America, beginning in the immediate post-World War II days. Was Howard Hughes an eccentric patriot?

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