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CIA Getting Rid Of Joe!

Mike Adams, host of Natural News, says all the revelations of misplaced classified information in recent weeks is the CIA’s attempt to dump Uncle Joe Biden.  And, shockingly, Hunter Biden may be turning state’s evidence on his dad to save his own ass!

At this point, Adams says, the Democrats probably can’t win a rigged election right now. So what’s the plan? He says the Deep State needs to run someone in 2024 who is corrupted, has already been blackmailed and is so dirty and blanketed with compromising information that he can be controlled. “There are plenty of candidates in that space, but the most obvious to me is Gavin Newsom,” Adams says. He explains further.

2023: The Year Of Contraction

Natural News’ Mike Adams proclaims that 2023 will be the year of contraction! This after living most of our lives in a world of expansion, which has led to increased globalization, supply chain and wealth.

“I’m hear to tell you that it’s been an artificial expansionary blip in the history of the world,” Adams says. He explains further and touches on how the new era of contraction will affect the food crisis, the economy and tyranny.

Shift To Fusion Inevitable

Mike Adams says it’s inevitable that the world will shift to fusion as its primary energy source. He says fossil fuels will still remain relevant for decades to come, but fusion is the ultimate answer.

Adams says the choice will be between hot fusion, which the establishment favors, and cold fusion, preferred by pro liberty and pro humanity people. He explains further and delves into the pros and cons of the energy shift.

Time To Indict Big Government

Natural News’ Mike Adams says recent revelations that the Biden Administration and the FBI ordered Big Tech who to censor has sent chills down the spines of patriots.

The same could be said about the corrupt left, such as fake Arizona governor Katie Hobbs, who demanded Twitter erase any criticism of her policies or comments aiding her opponent, Kari Lake. “What we’re looking at here,” Adams says, “is the merger of the corrupt government with corrupt Big Tech platforms.”

These guys have been on a censorship and election-fraud rampage for what seems forever, with no accountability. Perhaps the solution is for patriots to take the reigns and begin indicting corrupt government officials on a state level, such as in strong conservatives states like Missouri, Texas and Florida. Here’s more.

Biden Regime’s War Of Terror

Mike Adams is reporting from his sources that the corrupt Democrat Party is going to rig today’s election at levels we’ve never seen before. Even bigger than 2020! A level so massive it appears they want to get caught. Their goal: To get Republicans to start an insurrection.

That’s been the Biden regime’s plan all along: Rattle the Republicans and hope for Civil War. It’s Biden’s war of terror, replete with armed militia on the streets, lapped along their radical Antifa and BLM cohorts. Adams fleshes out the details and adds that since the Elon Musk takeover at Twitter, he now has the “goods” on the sinister Democrats–all their conniving tweets that led to the 2020 election fraud.

World’s Pension Funds Wrecked

Natural News’ Mike Adams reports that traditional pension systems of the world are done. He says we’ve reached the end of the money printing, fiat manipulating central banking fraud. He brings us the dire details.

Marxists In Congress Exposed

Author and political activist Trevor Loudon tells Natural News’ Mike Adams that there are at least 30 Senators, more than 100 House members and many governors that lean toward Marxism. “They couldn’t pass a background check to drive a bus,” Loudon says.

He exposes the obvious players, such as Mitch McConnel, Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein and Raphael Warnock, all neck-deep in their association with the Chinese Communist Party, and Communists in general. But there are shockers, such as Arizona Sen. Krysten Sinema, who’s been indoctrinated by the Commies since the early 2000s, and fellow Grand Canyon State Sen. Mark Kelly, who’s compromised by the CCP.

And then, Loudon says, there’s Joe Biden, who’s worked with the Russians, Chinese and Iranians his entire career. “He’s really there to put us under,” Loudon says. More from Natural News.

Another Covid Scare Coming?

Mike Adams says his intel sources tell him another major Covid-style emergency will be announced before the end of the year. He says this is why the Biden Administration extended the Covid-emergency powers.

Adams reports that the looming pandemic will go through the winter and into early 2023. His source says hospitals across the nation have already begun activating emergency protocols, which will safeguard them from being sued by people who lose loved ones. Adams says additional intel points to an imminent attack on the U.S. by Russia, huge industry layoffs in the coming months and a worsening food-supply chain. More from Natural News.

Will Biden Let Illegals Vote?

It’s October and the Democrats are going to cheat. Again! Economist Martin Armstrong tells Natural News’ Mike Adams there’s a strong possibility that Joe Biden will issue an emergency executive order midmonth, allowing illegal immigrants to vote in the 2022 midterm elections.

As ludicrous and unconstitutional as this sounds, it’s a last ditch effort for the Deep State-driven Democrats to steal another election and to do so in a way that courts wouldn’t have time to stop them. Adams explains, plus reports on Vladimir Putin’s efforts to expose the truth about evil, Satanic Western leaders and the looming financial crisis in Europe.

U.S. Navy Blew Nord Stream?

All signs are pointing to the U.S. Navy as the most likely culprits to blow up the Nord Stream pipeline. This is the pipeline through which Russia had sold its natural gas to Scandinavia and Germany. There were actually three separate explosions in different locales, meaning the damaged pipeline will be much more difficult to repair. More from Mike Adams on the Health Ranger Report.

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