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The Fight For Freedom

Highly connected political insiders Juan O. Savin, Clif High and others share some important intel regarding our fight for freedom in the next couple of weeks. “Failure is not an option,” Savins says. “We are alerting the citizenry and we still do have enough time to avoid this global takeover.”

The following fortnight will test our fortitude to the limit as we witness the evil of the Cabal, which will include the ongoing exaggerated virus and pandemic, the planned banking and stock market fall, military false flags and the censorship disguised as journalism. It’s all hands on deck. Time to buckle up. Joining Savin and High in the following video with salient messages are Jon Voight, X22 Dave, U.S. Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene and Julian Assange, plus a 1991 leaked speech from globalist Nelson Rockefeller that will give you chills.

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