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Will Julian Assange Be Next?

Edward Snowden is warning: The Deep State thugs who likely murdered John McAfee will try to assassinate Julian Assange next. Why are these killers on the prowl? Simple. They want to stop the probing into their hideous crimes against humanity, including the trafficking and murder of children. More from Lift the Veil.

John McAfee Found Dead

Awaiting extradition to the United States to face tax evasion charges, John McAfee was found dead Tuesday in his cell in a Spanish jail. The death comes hours after a Spanish court had approved his extradition.

McAfee founded a pivotal company in the 1980s that developed the first computer antivirus tools. He was an outspoken Libertarian and had even run for the party’s presidential nomination, although he was defeated by Gary Johnson in 2016.

Styxhexenhammer666 says McAfee “did not kill himself.” The reference evokes the death of Jeffrey Epstein, a death that many have charged was actually a murder. Edwin Snowden amplified on the murder suspicions, saying look for Julian Assange to be found dead next.

Top military official defends Marxist CRT, and the Deep State claims another victim, John McAfee. McAfee in November of 2019 warned he was being threatened by Deep State operatives. “If I suicide myself, I didn’t,” he wrote. “I was whacked.” More from Lori Colley.

Will Biden Release Maxwell?

With the changing of the guard in Washington, D.C., will the Biden Administration show more leniency toward convicted sex offender Ghislaine Maxwell? Political pundit, blogger and author Charlie Robinson tells Shaun Attwood he is “extra concerned” over the possibility that Jeffrey Epstein’s main confidant will get a free pass.

Robinson’s theory: Biden is not long for the office, which sets up a golden opportunity for his administration to release Maxwell, knowing well he won’t take the heat later on because he’ll be long gone. “I’m concerned about this big club and we ain’t in it,” Robinson says. “I’m not optimistic with the Biden Administration that they’re somehow going to get tough on this stuff. That has never entered my mind.” He adds that if the issue was about justice and doing the right thing, this would never happen. But he fears this is the opposite–about wrong things, connections and knowing the right people. And, as many would suspect, the corrupt Democrats and their sidekicks in the media will blame everything on President Trump. Here’s more with Attwood and Robinson, as they also weigh in on the pardon snub of Julian Assange.

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Paul Opposes Impeachment

We concur with U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky. If Republicans want to see their party destroyed forever, they will support the corrupt Democrats’ push for impeachment.

There’s nothing righteous whatsoever in the Democrats’ position. Many of their party leaders are hardcore pedophiles. Pretty much all of the Democrats are receiving kickbacks and lining their pockets. The mainstream media covers up their crimes because it, too, is corrupt and dishonest, not to be given the slightest credibility anymore.

The 10 Republican morons from the House who voted for impeachment should all receive primary opposition and be booted from office. The same applies to any Republicans in the Senate foolish enough to join these cretins. More from Next News Network, drawing from an appearance by Paul on Laura Ingraham’s show on Fox News.

Calls to pardon Julian Assange surge. Meanwhile, the Wyoming GOP censures the wretched U.S. Rep. Liz Chaney over her impeachment push. More from Steve Turley.

Deep State: Fighting Dirty

We have finally reached Jan 6th. The count has been delayed, Trump knew the playbook. Rig for Red. Taking back the country was never going to be easy. The [Deep State] will fight dirty and know it’s going to get a lot worse as we move forward. Buckle up. It’s time to take back this country. This has been planned from the beginning. More from the X22 Report.

Breaking! CIA, Mike Pence, Barack Obama all directly tied to election fraud! From the look of things, Mike Pence is a full-blown traitor. We can’t say we’re shocked, but we are most certainly disappointed. He goes down with John Roberts, Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney as Republicans who have proven themselves to be despicable traitors! More from McAllister TV.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Here are five other Republican traitors in the U.S. Senate. If they are representing you, be sure to send them an email or call them on the phone to express your displeasure with their traitorous behavior. These bums include: Ben Sasse, R-Nebraska; Richard Shelby, R-Alabama; Tim Scott, R-South Carolina; John Thune, R-South Dakota; and Pat Toomey, R-Pennsylvania. Demand they stand with our President and stop siding with the Democrats and Chinese Communists. These five are not choir boys, and should cease acting so naive. Either they take a stand or we knock every damn one of them out of the U.S. Senate and send them home to whimper alone. )

In Pursuit Of Truth takes us back to Wikileaks, Justin Asssage and the murder of Seth Rich.

My God! It’s all really happening right now. This is amazing! Watch and listen as Americans shred the traitorous bastard Mitt Romney. We should continue to pound — and hound — any so-called Republicans who side with the Democrats and their dirty Communist Chinese overlords. More from the SGTReport.

Assange Requests Pardon!

Julian Assange has officially asked for a pardon. The Michigan State Legislature has subpoenaed voting evidence in Detroit and the surrounding suburbs. Dominion whistleblower Melissa Carone watched the Dominion CEO testimony and states she has evidence he lied. New info and connections on SolarWinds, The Pentagon shut down their SIPRNET today. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg is being sued for tampering in our election and a Democrat official indicted for brandishing a knife at a pregnant Trump supporter. More from RedPill78.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are panicking. They announced that all 50 states certified the elections but [Kamala Harris] still has not resigned from the Senate. Why? The evidence is now being produced and audits are being done. The results are coming in and there is election fraud. Project Veritas released a recording of Julian Assange. The patriots have the source. Everything is now building upon each other.The American Medical Association admitted that there was no reason to keep hydroxychloroquine from the people. Class action lawsuits can be very effective. More from the X22 Report.

The trap was set in 2018. Patriots are in place at the highest levels. Now comes justice for those who have committed high treason against the United States of America. President Donald Trump said he would never let us down. And he won’t. Make no mistake, our nation is at war. Wayne Jett, author of Fruits of Graft, returns to SGT Report to discuss the latest.

Did Hillary Clinton accept an $18 million bribe in 2016 that was part of an FBI sting operation that never went anywhere? That’s what Patrick Byrne says happened. He’s the former CEO of Overstock who has been much in the news lately discussing election fraud. And now, he’s sharing details of the Clinton bribe from four years ago. McAllister TV leads with that incident in a new video that also touches upon all of the Julian Assange talk plus a Christmas decode and Watergate attorney Ken Starr’s analysis that Pennsylvania violated election laws.

Amazing courage is being displayed throughout the country! The Stealth Bomber is coming in for a landing! Trump’s campaign insists election challenges “are not over.” More from And We Know.

Is Pardon Coming For Assange?

Update on the massive list of nearly 2 million Chinese spies, fully translated at, CISA announces a data breach that has massive implications for the Federal Government and Fortune 500 companies, Dominion back in the news, Court battle win in Michigan, we now have conclusive proof of built-in Dominion fraud, another win in Wisconsin and Republican electors attempt to cast their votes in contested states, as well as a possible pardon for Julian Assange. More from RedPill78.

The [Deep State] has been warned countless times. They all walked through the front door, that is they [knowingly] worked with a foreign country to manipulate the elections. Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe will be handing over a report about foreign election interference. This is where everything changes. The [DS] will react to this, most likely a blackout. We now have dueling electors casting votes. The Mainstream Media is pushing their side but they know they will lose in the end. Messages are sent. The patriots have it all. More from the X22 Report.

Headlines! Dominion voting machines made for cheating! Shape-shifting news anchors! More from McAllister TV.

Trump’s secret weapon against the criminal plot to steal the election. More from JustInformed Talk.

We are witnessing High Treason. It will be vanquished. More from the SGTReport.

Let The Arrests Begin!

Now that President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have tested positive for Covid-19, looks like they might have to remain in isolation for a period of 10 days. Could this be the celebrated 10 Days of Darkness that Q foretold? And what of President Trump tweeting about the disease and saying we’re all in this together. Break down the letters in “together” and you produce: To Get Her. Could this be a signal that the Witch, Hillary Clinton, is finally going to be arrested? Meanwhile, Guantanamo Bay received word on Sept. 30 to prepare for “high-level American prisoners.”  So arrests could be imminent. More from And We Know.

Trump is pushing forward with the plan. Trump and the first lady have been diagnosed with the virus. He will be in isolation for a 10 days or so. During this time, optics are very important. Will arrests be made during this time? I don’t think so. What has been the main objective this entire time, the election. The [Deep State] has been pushing mail-in ballots. How do you remove fear and allow people to vote in person? More from the X22 Report.

Welcome to Red October. The President is waging asymmetric warfare!! Red October has arrived, aka [D5]. More from TRUreporting.

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Epic fail for the Deep State, Press Secretary Slap-down, and the weird coincidences at the Southern District of New York. More from Lori Colley.

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We start with a reminder that POTUS has MANY times in the past denounced supremacism of any kind, leading into Comey testimony breakdown, followed by an update on the Clare Bronfman sentencing in the NXIVM case and finally we get some major reveals in the Julian Assange case, learning about a foiled Clowns In America assassination plot. PLUS SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT ON MAGA Meetup 2.0 on Oct. 15th! More from RedPill78.

Knockout Coming Soon

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are getting hit hard from all sides. Each event is now being exposed and people are waking up. October is approaching and messages are being sent. The candidate swap is on deck. The report from the Senate has been released and it doesn’t look good for Joe Biden. Welcome to the 15th round. Knockout is coming. Crimes against humanity, Assange, Treason are now all coming together. It is almost time to harvest the corn. More from the X22 Report.

The long-awaited Senate Report on Hunter Biden corruption in Ukraine has been released and the contents are damning. Not only was Hunter allegedly involved in various types of corruption while on the Burisma board, he also received millions of dollars in payments from Russian, Khazak and Chinese nationals and can be traced to involvement in various human trafficking networks. Attorney General Bill Barr and the Department of Justice have revealed necessary reforms to Section 230 and our favorite Anon returns with numerous posts targeting the enemies of humanity. More from RedPill78.

Booms under way! Report due on the Bidens and Burisma, Bill Clinton and Ghislaine Maxwell’s intimate dinner in 2014 and vote buying by Mike Bloomberg in Florida. More from Lori Colley.

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President Donald Trump has the Senate vote! Even Mitt Romney is on board! Democrats vow to stop the vote and pack the courts. More from the Black Conservative Patriot.

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Actor Jim Cavieziel is different from the pedophile bums who are so loud, so obnoxious and so visible in Hollywood. Caviezel, who portrayed Jesus in The Passion of The Christ, now has spoken out against the closure of churches during the coronavirus pandemic. In so doing, he delivered a knockout blow to the New World Order as well as Satan. Also in this episode: The Leftist censors at YouTube have struck again, removing Quite Franky for up three or four months. This follows the removal of The X22 Report, although for a short period — only a week. More from the SGTReport.


Army Goes Subterranean

The [Deep State] is in a panic like never seen before. The Durham investigation is real. If it weren’t, the corrupt politicians wouldn’t be trying to stop it. The virus cure is coming but vaccines will not be mandatory. Trump has now made the [DS] players anti-vaxxers who don’t believe the science organization, brilliant. The US military has now ramped up its training for subterranean missions. What are they hunting? More from the X22 Report.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: YouTube has removed The X22 Report for a period through September 24. It’s not clear what reason YouTube is citing to justify its censorship, but apparently, YouTube doesn’t need any rationale anymore. They are a Leftist outfit and working to subvert our free society, same as Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms under the thumb of the Communist Chinese.  We will continue to carry the X22 Report drawing from their Bitchute or alternate sites. In the event we are blocked, or there is further censorship, you can always find their updates and spotlight reports at the website:

Declas unravels Shifty Adam Schiff’s new fake whistleblower! The case of Lisa Page’s missing wiped IPhone solved! Harris Faulkner at Fox News issued an apology for the network’s crass censorship earlier this week when Newt Gingrich tried to discuss George Soros and how he has provided the financial support for Antifa, Black Lives Matter and other radical and violent outfits pushing Leftism in America. Was this apology adequate or do you expect more honesty and openness from Fox News?

Our opinion: At the minimum, Fox News needs to fire contributor Marie Harf, who erratically called for the censorship. This former CIA agent proved she is not a working journalist. She has no legitimate business whatsoever appearing on a news network.  We also think it’s time Soros’ CIA connections are exposed and explored. He should be booted out of America indefinitely. More from Black Conservative Patriot.

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This [Julian Assange] pardon deal will lead to evidence of the murder of [Seth Rich]. This is all strategic. More from TRUreporting.

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The movement is exposed, time to deploy camouflage and get ready for the fight of our lives. More from Lori Colley.

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Lots of Q-drops! Disney! Epstein! Wexner! Prince Andrew! The truth will shock the world! More from McAllister TV.



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