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Oprah Pushing Pedophilia

In a stunning revelation, Oprah Winfrey told an attentive audience and panel that she’s okay with an adult touching a child’s privates if the youngster approves. This from a woman who legitimized the notorious sex criminal João Teixeira de Faria, aka John of God. This from a woman whose Leadership Academy for Girls, in Africa, came under close scrutiny when, in 2007, several children were sexually abused and parents were only allowed to see their children once a month.

Then there is Oprah’s close ties with convicted sexual predator Harvey Weinstein and her association with the Billionaire’s Club and Mr. Depopulation himself, Bill Gates and friends. When will the wheels of justice  begin turning on this evil woman? Here’s more from

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2 thoughts on “Oprah Pushing Pedophilia

  1. Elwood on said:

    Not a fan of oprah but that clip is not saying what the headline says. She’s not saying in that clip that it is good, but that a child may have a physical sensation that feels good. Something may feel good which is bad. A person can react physiologically to sexual stimuli naturally but this doesn’t make it ok. When she says “if they’re any good” she’s talking about the skill of grooming. An evil skill but one which abusers will use.

    If she approves someone in a context and isn’t aware of their actions in another, or doesn’t believe allegations this may fall into “never assume malice when ignorance may explain an action.”

    I have seen her say hostile comments about christianity. And those against abortion as I recall. And have heard she was on Epstein’s plane. Not sure for what purpose. Or what she’s into sexually. But she was raped herself I understand. And victims can have a complex relationship with it. Mylo included. Not to excuse anything she may say or do which is wrong. But to ensure we’re not falling into speculative false accusations.

    • You raise some valid points, and seem to know quite a bit about Oprah’s life. That being said, we don’t really feel any shame whatsoever in holding her feet to the fire. She wields considerable influence and power, and has used it repeatedly to push wanton pedophiles.

      Her proteges include John of God, the Brazilian “spiritualist” convicted to serve 19 years for four rapes, and Peter Nygard, the Canadian fashion mogul who owned an island retreat close to Jeffrey Epstein and now faces nine pedophilia-related charges in the United States.

      It can be argued she didn’t know these individuals were so dirty. We don’t buy that argument. We hold her responsible for her callous behavior, furthering the mistreatment of children.

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