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Celebrities Facing Executions

Here is a long list of celebrities that have reportedly faced military tribunals.

In some cases, they have been executed. In other cases, they are under house arrest. Still others have chosen to collaborate with authorities and rat out individuals involved in child sex trafficking or human trafficking in general.

We have not verified whether the individuals identified here have faced trials and, if so, which have been executed and which have instead been jailed, presumably for life.

The roster comes from bluewater, an independent channel on Bitchute. Those identified include Marina Abramowitz, Courtney Love, Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani, Naomi Campbell, Chrissy Teigen, Cher, Lady Gaga and Celine Dion. Also named: Madonna, Beyonce, Jay Z, Barbra Streisand, Nicole Kidman, and Justin Bieber.

Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey were both named as individuals who have been under house arrest.

The new video from McAllister TV features Sarge from Icons, who says the military has summoned 32 governors and informed them to stand down. Apparently 26 of the governors have done so, while six governors objected. We do not know the names of those six or what happened to them.

McAllister TV and Sarge from Icons have been discussing the military tribunals involving John Brennan and James Comey. McAllister TV host Linda Paris brings us up to date on the whistleblower JohnHeretoHelp or Jonathan McGreevey, who just dropped several bombs regarding tribunals in an interview on the The Stew Peters Show.

California had more than a dozen “earthquakes” over the past week. Were those actual earthquakes, or further operations to clean out the DUMBs or Deep Underground Military Bases? These DUMBs are where Globalists have been ferreting away children and subjecting them to gruesome experiments. Many of the kids are left dead or deformed.

Other topics discussed: Starlink and George Floyd mural destroyed by lightning. This is a two-part series. We will present the followup video Sunday or Monday, so stay tuned.


Military Tribunals Under Way!

McAllister TV brings up witness testimony from Madyson Marquette, a former porn actress, who says the elite in Hollywood and Washington DC have been deeply involved in raping and torturing children. Marquette says she has testified at numerous military tribunals that will see justice meted out to these elites.

The boot worn by the late John McCain awaits Hillary Clinton and many others. Marquette says the Joe Biden now in the White House is a fake. Among those who will be charged: Tom Hanks and Oprah Winfrey. Everyone is going down!

Here, Madyson joins other women, including Danielle Burnett and Clare Hocking Okell, in a discussion about child and human trafficking. They are joined by Charlie Ward. Okell leads a British organization,The Great British Bird, that is fighting against this brutal slavery.

Secret Of Blood Diamonds!

We’ve all seen photos of politicians and Hollywood stars flashing ruby or garnet-red rings. These are not actual rubies or garnets or diamonds or any other kind of natural stones. Instead, what we are seeing are “blood diamonds.” These consist of the concentrated remains of children who have been beaten, brutalized and cannibalized by these insidious big-wigs.

It’s a tradition among the Illuminati: To wear the rings made from the reamins of their first “child sacrifice.” They are not only flashing their power, but sending a symbol to the rest of the Leftist perverts and deadbeats that they rule the Earth. Here, Dilara Esengil explains this perverse tradition on McAllister TV.

We present both installments of Esengil’s talk, beginning with the blood diamond discussion and concluding with a look at the Bogdanoff Twins, clone freaks from France.

Among those pictured with bloodstone rings: Oprah Winfrey, John Podesta, Hillary Clinton, Tom Hanks, Arnold Schwarzenegger, U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee and General Qasem Soleimani, the assassinated Iranian military leader.

Dr. Phil’s Turn-About Ranch

Mouthy Buddha explores the sexual abuse charges surrounding Dr. Phil’s Turn-About Ranch in Utah and the charges against him by Bhad Bhabie. In addition, Mouthy Buddha delves into the swirl of abuse surrounding the Brazilian faith healer John of God, who had been endorsed openly by Oprah Winfrey. These reports are parts of the Elite Human Trafficking Series.


Part Of The Club

Jamie Dlux explores the close connections between Oprah Winfrey and John of God, the Brazilian faith healer who is now at the center of a swirl of sexual assault charges. It’s not only said he raped women, but also assaulted children and engaged in human trafficking. Questions abound: How much did Oprah Winfrey know while recommending John of God. Was she, in any way, part of his sick club?

Oprah: Not So Bright

Multi-Billionaire Oprah Winfrey Says Whiteness STILL GIVES YOU AN ADVANTAGE Even If You’re Poor. In a recent Oprah interview with some NFL player, she says some really DUMB stuff. More from Sinatra Says.


Oprah’s Pedo Connection

Investigative blogger Riss Flex says she was stunned when she saw a video clip of Oprah Winfrey defending an obvious act of pedophilia, prompting her to delve deeper into the conspiracy theories surrounding the megastar. What Flex found was Oprah’s circle of friends littered with sexual predators, such as the notorious John of God, a Brazilian who passed himself off as a spiritual healer and was indicted in 2018 for rape and sexually abusing 600 women.

Then there was Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, who is a convicted sex offender, and film and TV writer Lee Daniels, who bragged about drinking blood from children on the Wendy Williams Show. And don’t forget the steady stream of irregularites at Oprah’s school for young girls in South Africa, which has faced multiple sex scandals.

So, could Oprah Winfrey be a sexual predator herself? Says Flex, “For Oprah to continually claim that she knows nothing about the pedophilia of all these people dancing around her and her friend circles seems a bit odd.” Here’s Flex’s full report.

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The Stars Are Falling

Ellen DeGeneres & Jimmy Kimmel cancel their shows. Oprah Winfrey cancels all her events for 2020. Steve Bing commits suicide. Where are Tom and Rita? What about David Spade and Chelsea Handler? More from Alice Down the Rabbit Hole.

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Child Murderers: Executed!

With Democrats releasing prisoners across the country, Attorney General William Barr is sounding a more conservative note. He is pledging executions for the most heinous of child murderers among federal prisoners. We stand with Barr. Anyone who kills a child, particularly under grievous circumstances, should face the death penalty. Leave it up to Democrats to treat inmates like they were kissing cousins!

Also in this video, McAllister TV deals with coded tweets! These are tweets by Hollywood celebrities, for instance, Oprah Winfrey, Sharon Stone and Madonna, all dealing with flowers. It seems the flowers aren’t really roses or orchids, but references to adrenochrome, and all of these celebrities are in a panic because they cannot get their flower fix!

The Old Bait And Switch

So you want to make a charitable contribution to Black Lives Matter? Go to their website and try to donate. What you will get is the old bait and switch. Instead of your contribution being targeted for Black Lives Matter, it will go to ActBlue Charities, which says its aim is to enable “Democrats, progressive groups, and nonprofits to raise money on the Internet by providing them with online fundraising software. Its stated mission is to empower small-dollar donors. Good scam, huh? More from Black Conservative Patriot.

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“Democrats and Activists call to Defund Police Departments. They have gone so far left that they eat their young.” So says President Donald J. Trump in a Tweet earlier this week. McAllister TV says the Tweet signifies: Trump is ready to bring down charges against those who frequented Jeffrey Epstein’s Little St. James Island. You see, the Hollywood Leftists, fashion designers, athletes, industrialists who frequented Epstein’s pad made the journey to engage in cannibalism.

Tom Hanks, Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Bill Gates: Every damn one of them was guilty. At Epstein’s island, kids were held captive in cages and dismembered and eaten by these rich and famous people. They envisioned they could gain a youthful appearance, tighter skin, more agility, by preying upon human flesh and, particularly, flesh of the young.

Here, McAllister TV describes some of the trappings of this Death Club. Like her, we will continue to identify those trappings as well as the suspect individuals until they are apprehended, jailed, punished and, in glaring cases, executed. We do not care how rich or famous they are. Justice awaits them.

Will they cheat to win by any means necessary? We’ve seen how far the Democrats will go to win. They unleashed a frigging virus that kept many of us locked away in our homes for a couple of months. Now, their operatives have begun burning down our cities and threatening to even overtake the White House. So, it’s not hard to imagine them pulling out every last stop to cheat. At least, President Donald Trump says we’re not closing down again. So no, the Democrats are not going to be allowed to vote by mail. More from Just Informed Talk.

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