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Industrial Complexes On Moon

Photos have surfaced showing a series of industrial complexes on the surface of the Moon. Here, UFO researcher Ben Pellom, a retired U.S. Navy officer, discusses the significance of these images with Nicholas Veniamin.

As a young man, William Tompkins could remote view without the formalized training. He called this special ability “flying” and used it to see secret locations to scout designs for his models and then future designs for the SSP.

Dr. Robert Wood and Emery Smith discuss what Tompkins knew of various methods of interstellar travel and the benefits of Remote Viewing. Included with Tompkins’s work is an understanding of the less-than-special place our planet holds compared to the rest of the galaxy. Here, Tompkins also addresses the nature of the Moon, which he claims is hollow. “It’s not your Moon. It’s not a Moon. It’s a fully occupied command center.”

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