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Occult Secrets of Ancient Persia

The term astro-theology explores the role that the stars, sun, moon, and other “heavenly bodies” have played in the formation of various religions and mythological systems. In these systems, the moon was often described as a feminine figure and the sun was frequently given masculine traits, which symbolically represented alchemical concepts utilized in mystery schools and various secret societies. More from Robert Sepehr, anthropologist and author.


Dark Secrets: Their Plan Is Sick!

Magnetism, brain blood clots, nanotech and more. Their plan is sick! More from And We Know.

My grandmother worked for NASA for 40 years. She tells why space should remain unexplored. More on the moon church from TRUreporting and McAllister TV in this special edition of Beyond The Headlines. Also, a Deep State takedown. Potus speech clues.

“Hello” Woo: Slave Chatter

Much evidence within languages all across the globe suggests humans were created by aliens, whom we have come to know as gods. They are our creators and we their slaves. We know them as the elohim, a Jewish term from which the word “hello” as well as the word “aloha,” are derived.

Religious dogma as well as creation myths globally also bear out: While they might be absent nowadays, we expect these gods to return. Will they still be our gods, or will we have to fight them the next go-round?

These are questions clif_high asks, and tries to answer in his latest video, another Explorers’ Guide to the SciFi World. It’s an intriguing subject, ripe for further thought and exploration.

But there’s more of urgency here, including Joe Biden’s push for a holodomor, or great famine, by cutting off water supplies to farms and ranches in California, Oregon and Washington states. Just how much death and destruction do these dumbass Democrats hope to create? Just how morbid and satanic and retarded are they?

Also, what are the chemtrails now visible on the moon? Is a war occurring on the lunar surface that the chemtrails are designed to hide? Are these chemtrails themselves part of the war machine?

Lift Off With The Nacht Waffen!

McAllister TV ventures into strange territory — the stories of the Nacht Waffen or Night Secret Service, a band of Nazi scientists and super soldiers who formed a breakaway society after World War II. Rumored to be headquartered in Antarctica, these fighters and scientists used technology lifted from space aliens to design and build craft that would hurl them to the Moon, to Mars and beyond.

Here, McAllister examines how this so-called “Dark Fleet” might have operated. The talk uncovers fragments involving Reptilians, clones, MK Ultra and moon bases. We learn of the Nazi General Walter Kruger, commander in the Waffen SS, during World War II.

There’s a lot of material here, some drawn from the recollections of Penny Bradley, who says she was conscripted into this unit. We’ll be returning to explore more on the Nacht Waffen, as well as examining this team’s relationships with the Operation Paperclip Nazi scientists, including Wernher Von Braun, brought to work at NASA and other American laboratories and space programs.

Michael Jaco was born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina. He enlisted in the United States Navy in November 1978 and started his career as a Navy Hard Hat Diver. He volunteered for Basic Underwater Demolition/Sea Air and Land (BUD/S) training in August 1981. He completed BUD/S training 6 months later with class 116 in February 1982. Upon leaving the US Navy in December 2002 he has served as a High-Risk Security Contractor.

In this video Michael will be sharing what he recalls about the Secret Space program and what life was like working for the CIA. More from Super Soldier Talk.

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Mars Asteroid Kin Of Moon?

An enormous asteroid sharing the same orbit as Mars, may very well be a lost chunk from our moon. Not only does it possess a completely different composition than other asteroids orbiting Mars and nearby planets, but it also has an identical structure of some parts of the lunar surface.

Anton Petrov, host of What Da Math, says the Mars asteroid-moon connection is theory at the moment, but definitely warrants a space mission to gather samples from the rock. “We might be able to discover other mysteries about the moon and, of course, the Earth as well,” he says. Here’s more with Petrov.

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Untold Story Of The Moon

What really happened on the Moon? Why haven’t we gone back to the Moon since the days of Apollo? What are the NASA whistleblowers saying. McAllister TV ventures Into The Unknown.

Space Race Heats Up

Humans  have been sending signals into the cosmos for more than 100 years, and the United States and China space programs appear to be upping the ante. In an attempt to position itself as a leader in space exploration, China in January completed the construction of a massive aperture spherical telescope to detect mysterious, fast radio bursts in its search for extraterrestrial life. The move has prompted a plan by our government to establish a bigger telescope on the surface of the Moon. The race for dominance in space has indeed intensified. Here’s more from Buzz Weaver of The Lost History Channel.

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Why We Might Be Alone

It appears that our planet is home to the only intelligent life in the universe. But why? The answer might be that planet Earth is more unique than we’ve previously assumed. The rare-earth hypothesis posits that a range of factors made Earth exceptionally unusual and uniquely able to produce intelligent life. Host Matt O’Dowd breaks down the details in PBS Space Time.

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Race to Mine the Moon

The moon is shaping up to be a critical destination in the 2020s. The big vision is to establish the lunar surface as a celestial boomtown, where new technologies can be tested and the moon’s raw materials can be harnessed to power future missions. In this episode of Seeker, learn NASA’s plans to send rovers to the moon to mine space’s resources.

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Explaining the Moon’s Orbit

Our Sun holds 99.8 percent of all the mass in the solar system and it exerts twice the gravitational pull on the Moon than the Earth does. So why is it that the Moon orbits Earth and not the Sun? Around everything in space is a volume where the gravity of the thing in the middle beats out the gravity from something farther away, even if it is more massive. This phenomenon is called the Hill Sphere, where the Earth’s gravity dominates. Science writer and educator Dr. Joe Hanson explains further in this episode of It’s Okay To Be Smart.

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