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The Evil At Astroworld Concert

In retrospect, what was the Houston Astroworld Festival really all about? And how does it fit into the New World Order?

The concert, headlined by singer Travis Scott, erupted out of control when many of the nearly 50,000 in attendance stampeded toward the stage, killing at least 10. Says one terrified festival-goer, “I’m 100 percent convinced that this was an energy harvest. Travis Scott was snatching souls.”

In the following video, Dana Ashlie takes a deeper dive into the spiritual significance of the festival, discusses human sacrifice and the symbols of evil that were being presented. “Is there any evidence of the deaths being intentional?’ she asks. “The answer is a resounding yes.”

Finally, she issues a last-call warning to turn away from the false idols that are created to destroy you. Portions of the video contain disturbing and graphic content. As always, use your own discernment.

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