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Human Sacrifices: India

As we search around the world through every age of History for instances and origins of Adrenochrome harvesting and human sacrifices, we take a closer look at India. More from the Mith Chronicler.

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Adrenochrome, Ancient Sacrifice

An in-depth analysis of cultures and religions throughout time that have sacrificed humans, performed blood rituals, and consumed adrenalized blood. This is part one, focusing on ancient cultures including Carthage, Phoenicia, Greece and Rome. We will bring you part two upon its completion. Mith Chronicler, who created the video, says this one took a full two weeks to make, so it might be a while before we see the followup.

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We are at a critical juncture in our reality. Dark to Light. The Light has won, so the Dark are scrambling. In order to create chaos, fear, and confusion, they invert the reality. They invert what is true, and they corrupt and deceive. Use your innermost discernment, and if you have no capability to discern, then this video and my channel is not for you. More from J.C. Kay,

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Sacrifices Will Open The Portals

Just as Jesus died on the Cross to enter Heaven, the Satanists practice human sacrifices to open portals and the gates leading to Hell. Of course, Fallen Angels lead these demons, angels who are well aware of the celestial pathways as well as those here on Earth. More from EntertheStars Reloaded.

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The Mayan Underworld

Anthropologist Robert Sepehr brings us up to date on the latest discoveries about the Mayans and their jungle cave passages to the underworld. Mexican archeologists have discovered a maze of stone temples in underground caves, some submerged in water and containing human bones, possibly the remains of human sacrifices. The underground caves, including a subterranean road that stretched 330 feet, were believed by the ancient Mayans to be a portal where dead souls entered the underworld, the entrance to Xibalba.

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The Mayan Underworld

Mexican archeologists have discovered a maze of stone temples in underground caves, some submerged in water and containing human bones, possibly the remains of human sacrifices. The underground caves, including a subterranean road that stretched 330 feet, were believed by the ancient Mayans to be a portal where dead souls entered the underworld, the entrance to Xibalba. More from Robert Sepehr, an author and anthropologist.

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NFL Star Exposes Satanic Cult

Former NFL star Larry Johnson exposes widespread Moloch worship among football players. Johnson was a running back for the Kansas City Chiefs from 2003 to 2009. He also played briefly for the Cincinnati Bengals, Washington Redskins and Miami Dolphins. McAllisterTV delves into Johnson’s talk of Moloch worship, including human sacrifices.


Douglas Gabriel and John Barnwell discuss the mysteries of blood and why the elite sickos of the world can’t get enough.

Epstein Arrest! Child Sacrifices!

McAllister TV covers the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein!!! Child sacrifices!!! Human cloning!!! Panic in Washington DC!!! Here you will get an in-depth look at how cloning centers are making carbon copies of humans, why they are doing it and the genetic consequences. Are what’s produced actual clones or monsters? Find out how celebrities are being “suicided” and replaced by malevolent clones.

A new witness came forward in the 11th hour and is now talking to Horowitz. [JE] has been arrested and the patriots are now cornering the [Deep State]. There is no escape. If you step back and take a look at what is happening you can see the MOAB, and it is about to drop. More from the X22 Report.

Now that Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested and charged with trafficking minors, who will be next? Will any of his rich and famous guests be charged as well — from Prince Andrew and president Bill Clinton to actor Kevin Spacey and celebrated scientists. Why did they visit Epstein’s Little St. James Island in the US Virgin Islands? Were they enticed for sexual experiences with girls as young as 14 years old? Were there also incidents of cannibalism where these elites dined on children? RedPill78 surveys the case.

Also, it appears one of Epstein’s prosecutors will be Maurene Comey, an assistant US Attorney in New York State and the daughter of disgraced former FBI Director James Comey.  Uh-oh! On the flip side, Mike Cernovich — who won his case to unseal several closed documents pertaining to Epstein — is now launching a campaign to release closed documents involving Congressional sexual harassment cases.

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It’s a Miracle! They’re Alive!

Contrary to what we’ve been told, the Hillary Clinton emails have never been lost. The FBI now confirms that these emails have been found in the Obama White House.

E.W. “Bill” Priestap, the assistant director of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division, made the confirmation in response to a court-ordered discovery sought by Judicial Watch. Why the long burial of the emails?

They validate that now only did President Barack Obama have knowledge of the emails, but was an active participant in Hillary’s efforts to hide the truth from the public and swindle all of us. In other words, Renegade is implicated! More from RedPill78.

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Judicial Watch reports that [Hillary Rodham Clinton] emails were found in the White House and on Weiner’s laptop. Obama is most likely implicated in her scheme. The dossier was used for it all and it is completely fake. JW wants US Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., investigated for ethical violations. Illegal immigration used for voting and to change the electoral college. The Supreme Court investigation did not work, obstruction did not work, impeachment did not work. The [Deep State] is preparing to use the last resort, it has been activated. More from the X22 Report.

McAllisterTV focuses on the children of Cain, the lying and deceptive cabal paired with Satan against Mankind. Hidden in secret societies, driven by secret oaths, they worship Satan and get their spiritual instruction via ancient religions rooted in idolatry and massive blood sacrifices. “Deception, projection and disguise are their favorite weapons and they cover their tracks with the control of the educational system through which they rewrite history.”


Nature Demands Child Sacrifice?

The propagandists are in overdrive shoving “climate grief” down our collective throats. And the next step in that indoctrination: The acceptance of climate eugenics to atone for our climate sins, is almost here. Join James Corbett for this week’s important edition of #PropagandaWatch dissecting the dangerous lies that are being pushed in the name of the environment.

Child sacrifice will be a source of great scandal in the weeks ahead as more of the public learns the truth of Little Saint James, the island in the US Virgin chain owned by Jeffrey Epstein. For years the media has dropped hints of Epstein and his guests conducting orgies with underage children. The truth is far more shocking. These blue-blood guests were actually engaged in cannibalism, dining upon children — presumably orphans — uprooted from Haiti. Here, Vincent Vendetta reports on the Duke of York, Prince Andrew and his connections to Jeffrey Epstein and his Human Trafficking operation on Little Saint James Island. (Warning: This video contains graphic content.)

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The Evil Hellfire Club

We’re all familiar with Yale University’s infamous Skull and Bones Society, which counts many prominent American presidents as its members, and the centuries-old Free Masons, seemingly always shrouded in mystery. But few people have ever heard of Ireland’s Hellfire Club, one of the darkest societies in history.  Once located in a stone lodge on a remote Ireland hillside, history tells us the cult practiced human sacrifice, demonic possession and even encounters with Satan himself. Eskify takes an in-depth look at the depravity and pure evil of the society.

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