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Thanksgiving Spirit

The BEVERLY HILLBILLIES did several holiday episodes over its long run, as well as cross-over episodes with fellow Paul Henning series PETTICOAT JUNCTION and GREEN ACRES. This is the one episode that included the main characters from all three shows. (Although some have no lines.)

Elly May, who inspired me to learn to cook for myself lest I have to pass up a babe like her to avoid starvation, is even hotter than usual. Dolled-up for the holiday in a nice form-fitting number.

Bit of meta-weirdness here. In earlier episodes of GREEN ACRES, the BEVERLY HILLBILLIES existed as a TV show from the characters’ POV. They all seemed to forget about that when the Clampett clan showed-up in Hooterville. This episode is from 1968. More from the OldHorseman.


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