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Probe: Obama Certificate A Fake

An exhaustive forensic investigation into President Obama’s birth certificate has concluded that it is a fraudulently created document, which was represented as an official copy. Among those leading the probe were former Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio, chief investigator Mike Zullo and two forensic experts, each from different continents with no knowledge of each other.

Says Arpaio, “To this day I’ve stated that I don’t care where the President was born. It had nothing to do with that. But we were going to investigate a possible government-forged document.” He says the team has been consistently maligned, falsely labeled and grossly criticized in the bulk of the media, and added the nation will be shocked by the probe and the implications will be profound. Here’s more, courtesy of the levtcs channel.

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14 thoughts on “Probe: Obama Certificate A Fake

  1. Becky E on said:

    When was this news conference? This seems like it was 2016 , not 2021. Please clarify.

  2. The Obama Presidency and all in his administration are now under full investigation by the Military Tribunal process. Indictments are to be served immediately.and all connected in said fraud are hereby under house arrest and flight restrictions are being enforced immediately.

    • You are correct. Obama’s day of reckoning is coming. While the birth certificate story is possibly a bit dated, it is one that was not widely distributed to the public, thanks to the lamestream media, and one that is the incontrovertible truth. Thank you for your comments.

    • Jennifer Widgren on said:

      Not sure where the info on investigation and Military Tribunal is coming from. Hope its not from a blog called Real Raw News because this Michael Baxter, also known as Michael Tuffin, puts out fake news just to keep his following going. He’s collected alot of money in donations.

      • We can assure you this did not come from Real Raw News. While the mainstream media refuses to cover anything even remotely critical of the Left, several legitimate and well-respected alternative sites have reported on the military’s probe of Obama.

      • I saw it on OAN. It’s true & they covered it. I knew when they interviewed oSLUMa grandmother & she said she remembered the night he was born in KENYA. She had no reason to lie

      • One America News was one of few networks to cover this story. And you are correct. As an eyewitness to Obama’s birth, she had no reason to make this up. Thanks for your comments.

    • PLEASE PLEASE,Stop this lying! I wont him to b in prison 4EVER more then anybody but he is not under any investigation!

      • What makes you so sure? The Great Awakening is evolving, including the progress of the military tribunals. Like we said previously, the truth always wins out and only time will tell.

  3. This video and press conference are from December 15, 2016. At the so called “press conference” Zullo and Arpaio refused to take any questions from reporters. Arpaio left office shortly thereafter. The new Sheriff of Maracopa County, Paul Penzone, fired Mike Zullo and disbanded the Cold Case Posse.

    Zullo’s work has been completely discredited. Zullo claimed that two forensic “experts” agreed with his conclusions but he never released their reports.

    At the 2016 press conference Zullo brought up a completely new theory that the Obama LFBC had been constructed using another 1961 birth certificate of a lady named Johanna Ah’Nee who was also born in Hawaii in August 1961. Zullo abandoned previous so-called proofs of forgery he had shared in two prior press conferences because they had been debunked.

    The claims about the Ah’Nee certificate also fell apart upon examination. See these articles:

    And no, there is no military tribunal looking at President Barack Obama for any reason.

    • We commend you on your due diligence, though Mike Zullo’s departure from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s department was certainly more a politically motivated move by incoming Democrat sheriff, Paul Penzone. Also of note is the bad blood between Penzone and Joe Arpaio during the campaign. It got so bad, the Arizona Republic called the race “intense and nasty.” Thanks again for your comments.

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