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Probe: Obama Certificate A Fake

An exhaustive forensic investigation into President Obama’s birth certificate has concluded that it is a fraudulently created document, which was represented as an official copy. Among those leading the probe were former Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio, chief investigator Mike Zullo and two forensic experts, each from different continents with no knowledge of each other.

Says Arpaio, “To this day I’ve stated that I don’t care where the President was born. It had nothing to do with that. But we were going to investigate a possible government-forged document.” He says the team has been consistently maligned, falsely labeled and grossly criticized in the bulk of the media, and added the nation will be shocked by the probe and the implications will be profound. Here’s more, courtesy of the levtcs channel.

Flynn’s Impossible 4-Year Delta

Christian Patriot News (CPN) reports that Gen. Michael Flynn’s Telegram post on Dec. 9 was an almost impossible four-year delta from a similar Q post on Dec. 9, 2017. Flynn’s post sourced a front-page magazine article about how President Obama sabotaged and transformed the military the way he did the country.

CPN, who says the post was within an hour of Q’s 2017 post, also offers up two other nearly perfect four-year-deltas and asks, “How many coincidences before this operation becomes mathematically impossible to deny?” He explains further in the the following report.

Are We Seeing Hillary Doubles?

Renaud Bedard brings us a new perspective on the much-publicized circumstances in which Hillary Clinton left the 2016 9/11 Memorial Service early and why.

Bedard speculates that Hillary was jovial and enjoying the crowd at the service, when she was suddenly told, “They are going to arrest you today. You can walk out on your own, but we’re handcuffing you on the street.” Her response: “You’re f*cking kidding me, right?”

When she collapses near the van, CNN reports she’s feeling overheated. Really? So why didn’t she remove her jacket or drink some water? But absolute video proof reveals that when she is grasped on both arms, he hands were bound and she was dragged into the van while resisting.

So if Hillary was arrested, are we seeing a parade of her doubles? Also of note, says Bedard, notably absent at the service were President Obama, President Clinton, Hillary’s running mate and Vice-President Biden.  Here’s the telling video and, as always, judge the material for yourself.

Empty Promises For Blacks

Jason Whitlock and former NBA player Royce White sound off on the black community for their ties to the Democrat Party.

Why do Donald Trump’s values align better with the views of most blacks than the platitudes of Barack Obama and LeBron James? Did White actually call black Democrats “fools” for their continuing allegiance to the liberal agenda? Whitlock and White bring you more on this sensitive issue.

The Biden-Trump Feud

Bill O’Reilly says the biggest story of the week is the latest Biden vs. Trump feud, centering on the executive privilege of former presidents.

Biden threatened to write an order declaring Trump’s executive privilege nonexistent, so the Jan. 6th House panel can gain access to the former administration’s documents and records. But an executive order from President Obama’s time in office may get in the way. O’Reilly breaks down the story on the Glenn Beck Show.

Durham Bringing The Pain

Special Prosecutor John Durham is bringing the pain, the [Deep State] is panicking and they are scurrying to get ahead of the indictments by telling their side of the story. Rest assured the truth will shred their propaganda.

All this time Durham has dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s and now he’s ready to produce the evidence. He’s clearly honing in on [Hillary Rodham Clinton], who appears to be the initial target. “The hunters have now become the hunted,” says X22 Report’s Dave. “Next it will be Obama and Biden. Devolution is now in full swing and the blind will soon see the light, one step at a time.” Here’s more.

Tulsi Rips Biden Administration

Former Hawaii senator and 2020 Democrat Party presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard never had any problem denouncing the corruption on both sides of the aisle, as evidenced by exposing Obama and Biden for selling weapons to Middle East terrorists.

Well, folks, she’s at it again, unleashing her fury on the Biden Administration for its porous open-door policy on our southern border. She says drug cartels are having their run of the place without facing consequences. And the recent claim by the administration that the border was secure, drew the ire of Gabbard. “When the American people are being lied to, it is revealing the arrogance and the self-serving nature of leaders who are in power in this country,” she says. Here’s more from Gabbard on Fox News’ “Justice With Jeanine” and host Jeanine Pirro. Video, courtesy of RenaudBe.

How They Tried To Kill Trump

In a revealing interview, Nicholas Veniamin welcomes former CIA operative Michael Jaco to discuss the numerous Deep State assassination attempts on President Trump. Some reports say the number is at least 25 and as high as 60!

Perhaps the closest call involved Covid-19. When the pandemic broke out, the White House took stringent precautions to keep the premises safe. No one in the White House tested positive for the virus, then suddenly everyone had Covid, including President Trump and the First Lady, who tested positive on Oct. 2. Jaco directly blames the Chinese Communist Party for the outbreak: “They obviously came in and infiltrated somehow and released some stuff in there. He was probably going to die from that, but they were prepared for it, fortunately.”

Jaco says another apparent attempt came during a White House presser, when Secret Service heard gunshots and whisked Trump away from the lectern. It turns out there was a shootout between security and the perpetrators in the White House tunnel system. In yet another failed attempt, during a trip to Washington state, intelligence concluded there was an attempted missile attack on Air Force One. Here’s more with Jaco and Veniamin.

Obama Will Be First Arrest

The Patriot News & Update channel is reporting that President Trump and the patriots have negotiated a surrender deal with the Deep State. Phil, the channel’s host, says he received the intel from his highly reliable source, who simply conveyed: “The surrender deal, reached.”

Phil says the intel drop not only was confirmed by fellow anons, who received the same message from other sources, but also by a cryptic tweet from Il Donaldo Trumpo, believed to actually be President Trump. The tweet read: “Love the smell of Durham Panic in the morning… smells like… VICTORY!!!” Phil further confirmed the intel by decoding the message. It reveals that victory in simple gematria equals 112, as does Durham.

The shocker in his decode came when he decoded all capital letters in the tweet, excluding VICTORY: the “L” in Love, the “D” in Durham and the “P” in Panic, which totals 32, same as Obama and Media. “I’ve been saying forever that the first arrest will be Obama,” he says. Furthermore, the phrase LDP Victory adds up to 144 and so does Ebs threat did it, Surrender Deal, Durham Fisa Declas, Delay A Week Make Deal, He Surrendered and Arrest Soon.

Phil says, “I started this out live by saying coincidences of a certain level are impossible. It is impossible that I get intel saying the words ‘surrender deal,’ then Il Donaldo Trumpo puts out a tweet and when you gematria that tweet, you get surrender deal. That, ladies and gentlemen, is not a coincidence, it is intentional.” Here’s the edited video of the Patriot News & Update, courtesy of Paula Blades. Please discern the material for yourself.

Obama Vs. Trump

As we near the end of the dog days of August, we present the starkly different styles of President Trump and President Obama in announcing the assassinations of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Osama bin Laden. The brief, but hilarious clip, was aired on the RealEyes1776 channel and presented here courtesy of Paula Loves Children. Be sure to note the dog comms in this edition of the lighter side of life.

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