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Ukraine On Fire

Here is the 2016 documentary film that shows how the United States played a role in steering the Ukraine to the right, in an attempt to weaken Russia. Was this a liberation, a so-called color revolution, or simply allowing a nation to be overtaken by far-right extremists?

Oliver Stone served as the film’s executive producer, while Igor Lopatonok directed. You’ll notice on IMDB that the film only has a 5.7 rating. That’s because it has been given a bloc of “1” star ratings by individuals among the groups that get exposed as extremists.

Ukraine on Fire has a few flaws, but remains well worth watching. As one IMDB reviewer notes, ” the film has a great content and is historically and politically very important, deviating from dishonest hegemonic bias of Western media favoring USA imperialistic interests. Let us hope that peace may be achieved, but the best way is not being misinformed.”


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