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Supreme Court Justice Poisoned

Real Raw News reporter Michael Baxter claims in a report published over the weekend that someone attempted to kill Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas by lacing his food with a deadly poison — thallium. Discovered in 1861, thallium, which goes by the atomic number 81, is odorless and tasteless. Historically, it was widely used in rat poisons, but has been outlawed in the United States since 1972 owing to its extreme toxicity.

Baxter’s article, published Saturday, says Thomas and his wife Virginia dined at an upscale Washington DC restaurant, Mazi, ahead of him getting ill. Afterwards, he complained of gastrointestinal stress, shortage of breath, vomiting and diarrhea. He took Tums and Mylanta to relieve the stress, but his wife insisted he go to the hospital when his condition deteriorated.

At Sibley Hospital in Washington DC, physicians diagnosed him with a non-specific upper respiratory viral infection. But “White Hats” who feared for the worst encouraged Virginia Thomas to remove him from the hospital, believing his life was in danger.

Baxter says his source told him the White Hats transported “SCJ Thomas, and as a precaution, his wife, to a secret location where their physicians could rigorously evaluate his condition. A blood test on SCJ Thomas confirmed their worst suspicions: Someone had poisoned him. A urinalysis corroborated the bloodwork: SCJ Thomas had markedly high concentrations of thallium in his bloodstream.”

We run hot and cold on Real Raw News, having found some of their reports quite frightening, while other stories, have appeared at least partially to be fabricated. In other words, use your own discretion in evaluating their accounts. More from Blueclayton. You can find this full story on their website at:

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