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Pesticides In Moderna Vax

Sourcing Real Raw News, Martin Brodel reports that military special forces under White Hat authority have discovered pesticides in the Moderna Covid-19 vaccines. The military raided a Moderna vaccine repository in early May and destroyed approximately 250,000 vials of the tainted vaxxes. Brodel explains further, plus brings us more updates on the week’s news.

Alliance Firmly In Control

Martin Brodel says the Alliance, aka the White Hats, are firmly in control of The Great Awakening. He says intel from his source and reports from Tarot by Janine  suggest the Alliance has quelled the threats from Big Pharma, Big Tech, major corporations and Hollywood, and D.C. has been shut down.

“This has been going on for a while,” Brodel says. “What the Alliance did, not only here on Earth but with the off-world beings as well, they went in and they just cleaned out everything.” Here’s more from Brodel and, as always, judge the material for yourself.

The Tide Will Turn Fast

An epic 26-second Instagram clip from Gen. Michael Flynn, five-year deltas from the Q posts and more comms from Dan Scavino strongly suggest that a huge red wave orchestrated by the White Hats is imminent.

Flynn captioned his clip “The Lifeguard: Coming soon.” One of Q’s deltas, posted Nov. 1, 2017, reads: “The initial wave will be fast and meaningul. It will send a signal to others immediately and you’ll see the tide turn.” Christian Patriot News (CPN) submits the “red wave” is a cryptic referral to the military. Are the fireworks about to begin? Here’s CPN with more.


Are The White Hats In Control?

Former CIA Officer Michael Jaco joins Nicholas Veniamin in discussing how the White Hats can be in control, but can’t stop the potential for famine. Much hinges on the tools remaining to the Black Hats, including weather manipulation or the ability to start brushfires. There are even nastier tricks available, say, an alien invasion or the detonation of nuclear explosions. So while the White Hats are making progress, this could be a lengthy, drawn-out war, with setbacks and tactical battles still yet to occur.


Juan O. Savin: Restore America

Juan O. Savin assures doubting Thomases that the white hats are indeed progressing at a feverish pace to restore America. The next salvo, he says, should come from the John Durham probe, where a stream of indictments is likely in the coming weeks.

Appearing on the David “Nino” Rodriguez podcast, Savin also reminds viewers of the unconscionable evil perpetrated by the Biden, Clinton and Pelosi crime families and the justice that waits them. “When this goes to the next level, it’s going to be a wipeout,” Savin says. Here’s more from Juanito and Nino.

Supreme Court Justice Poisoned

Real Raw News reporter Michael Baxter claims in a report published over the weekend that someone attempted to kill Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas by lacing his food with a deadly poison — thallium. Discovered in 1861, thallium, which goes by the atomic number 81, is odorless and tasteless. Historically, it was widely used in rat poisons, but has been outlawed in the United States since 1972 owing to its extreme toxicity.

Baxter’s article, published Saturday, says Thomas and his wife Virginia dined at an upscale Washington DC restaurant, Mazi, ahead of him getting ill. Afterwards, he complained of gastrointestinal stress, shortage of breath, vomiting and diarrhea. He took Tums and Mylanta to relieve the stress, but his wife insisted he go to the hospital when his condition deteriorated.

At Sibley Hospital in Washington DC, physicians diagnosed him with a non-specific upper respiratory viral infection. But “White Hats” who feared for the worst encouraged Virginia Thomas to remove him from the hospital, believing his life was in danger.

Baxter says his source told him the White Hats transported “SCJ Thomas, and as a precaution, his wife, to a secret location where their physicians could rigorously evaluate his condition. A blood test on SCJ Thomas confirmed their worst suspicions: Someone had poisoned him. A urinalysis corroborated the bloodwork: SCJ Thomas had markedly high concentrations of thallium in his bloodstream.”

We run hot and cold on Real Raw News, having found some of their reports quite frightening, while other stories, have appeared at least partially to be fabricated. In other words, use your own discretion in evaluating their accounts. More from Blueclayton. You can find this full story on their website at:

White Hats Pull A Fast One

Did the White Hats just detonate a time bomb in the Hunter Biden laptop debacle? Truth and Art TV’s Bernie Suarez thinks so.

He says this goes beyond The New York Times admission that the laptop is authentic, which, of course, was plain as day for anyone familiar with the case. Says Suarez, “First of all people, you do realize that this one laptop could be a bigger bomb than than Durham himself.” Or, he adds, will this spark special counsel John Durham to elevate his probe into the Bidens? Think timing. Here are the details from Suarez, who also adds analysis of the Ukraine crisis.

Galactic Alliance Aids Russians

Gene Decode says the galactic and Earth alliances are aiding Russian secretive special forces, known as the Spetsnaz, in destroying biolabs and DUMBs in Ukraine, including a 14th lab recently discovered.

Decode says they have technologies that enables them to look through the earth, end to end, and the ability to fully cloak a soldier, rendering them invisible. “They have the technology of different detectors, neutrino and infrared, all kinds of others things we’re not even able to name because we don’t know what they’re called or what they use,” he says.

And speaking of DUMBs, Decode confirmed to Patriot Underground that the Cabal’s significant DUMB in Dulce, N.M., has been taken out by the Alliance. He says that not only does the Alliance have complete control, they also cleaned out “Nightmare Alley,” one of the most horrific lower levels where they conducted hybriding experiments.

Global Cleanup Under Way

Never mind what the fake news reports on the conflict in Ukraine. This is not a foreshadowing of World War III. Instead, we are seeing the tip of the iceberg in a worldwide effort to stop child trafficking and torture.

The Ukraine has been a focal point for a lot of this illicit activity, a playground of inequity for the Deep State and members of the Globalist elites. But Mr. P — as Russian leader Vladimir Putin is described here — has aimed for decades to end this scourge.

Here, tarot card reader Janine of Canada dissects whether Putin is a despotic madman or a passionate patriot burning with a desire to spoil the Deep State’s fun and games, and end their corruption. Regardless of what any of us might think about Putin, how can Americans or Western Europeans justify establishing covert and illegal biochemical labs along the borders of Russia?

Why have American officials turned a blind eye to the trafficking and torture of children? How many financial kickbacks have gone to Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi, to John Kerry or Mitt Romney? If these politicians are involved in graft and corruption, why aren’t members of the press skewering the crooks?

Janine believes that former US President Donald Trump and the White Hats are in league with Putin. The same cleanups now occurring in the Ukraine will soon take place in other corners of the world. Janine’s reading: Australia, perhaps along with New Zealand, will be rocked next. She sees one or more governmental elites exposed for lurid crimes, once again, involving torture and carnage against kids.

A War That’s Not A War

Simon Parkes says the Russia-Ukraine conflict was always going to be a war, but not a war in the true sense. As now reported widely on alternative media, the reality is the Ukrainian government is well aware that Russian forces are targeting biological labs connected to Wuhan and some underground communication centers.

Parkes says the resistance reported by the mainstream media is not coming from the Ukrainian military, but paid Cabal mercenaries. He says the mercenaries are shooting up apartment blocks, bringing in the Cabal to take pictures, then making it look as if the Russians did it. Parkes brings us more intel on the conflict, but promises that the war between the Cabal and the White Hats is not over.

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