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Did Dinosaurs Really Exist?

Everything Inside Me (EIM) reports that before the 1800s, no one on the planet had ever heard of a dinosaur, nor had any dino fossils been discovered. To this day, EIM says, nobody has ever excavated a complete dinosaur skeleton, hence the various species of the reptiles are all artists’ imaginations.

The story begins with Sir Richard Owen, superintendent of the British Museum Natural History Department in 1842, who created the term “dinosaur” because he wanted the theory of evolution to be true. Miraculously, the first dinosaur bone was discovered in 1858. Shockingly, only 2,100 dinosaur bones have been found since then and are under lock and key in museum vaults, since most of the reptile exhibits are made of plastic.

Enter Robbin Koefoed, of, who wrote a controversial, and many say conspiratorial piece, stating dinosaurs never existed. He says, “If thousands of longnecks and carnivorous reptiles had really roamed the Earth, we wouldn’t have found only 2,100 dinosaur bone sets, but millions of bones.” Here the rest of the story from EIM, plus more.

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