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Dinos Coexisted With Humanity

The Standing for Truth (SFT) podcast says there is overwhelming evidence that dinosaurs coexisted with humanity and did so more recently than previously thought.

SFT posits that scientists throughout the ages have been indoctrinated by the theory of evolution, believing it’s the truth without any alternative. He says they never question evidence contrary to the story, because they only know of one story.

In the following episode, courtesy of Dustin Nemos, SFT claims there is now undeniable evidence that a process known as racemization, the chemical reaction that converts amino acids into mirror-image forms and can also be used as a timepiece to determine when a particular specimen has died, can prove that dinosaurs coexisted with humanity. Here’s more and please use discernment when viewing the video.

Did Our Timeline Start in 1800s?

My Lunch Break (MLB) digs deeply into what he describes as the insane narrative we’ve been told that everything of consequence happened in the last 300 years.

In Part I of a two-part series, MLB discusses how nearly every invention–from electricity to phones and cars, to planes and trains, to radios and computers, and major sports organizations–all came to fruition once the USA and banks were created.  How long have all these advances and pleasures really existed? Are we made to believe that absolutely nothing evolved in the thousands of years before the U.S. and banks came along?

MLB alleges there most likely was an advanced civilization before us, where possibly all these amenities existed. Says MLB, “If this timeline was planned, then all previous history is false.” Here’s more of his report.

In Part II of the series, My Lunch Break delves further into the phenomenon of the last three centuries, this time exposing the many lies that have befallen us. Were all the advancements due to evolution? MLB thinks not. “There’s a different, more logical explanation,” he says.


The Real Men In Black

In the following dated video, courtesy of NVTV,  former CIA counterintelligence agent, Joseph Spencer, blows the whistle on the clandestine and sinister operations of the “real Men in Black.”

Spencer, an operative from 1970 to 1997,  says he was aware of black-budget projects, but never new the context of them. Even the president was denied access, due to their high-level secrecy, he says.  Spencer says the projects dealt primarily with advancing military technologies, reversed-engineered from recovered alien crafts that crashed or were shot down.

Perhaps the most stunning black-project operation, Spencer says, revolved around the 8 million children that go missing in the world every year, one-third of them abducted by the federal government! He attests that the children are transported to 1,477 DUMBS around the planet, imprisoned for the rest of their lives and subjected to biological and genetic experiments.

Spencer says that in order to maintain secrecy throughout their operation, thousands of witnesses–men, women and children–were murdered. The majority of the victims were ufologists and whistleblowers. He says he was responsible for silencing Paul William Cooper and noted documentarian Samantha Willis.

Spencer says not every man in black was human. “About a third were alien hybrids he says.” He explains further and also discusses possibility of a fake alien invasion in 2024, plus more. As always, do your own research and judge the material for yourself.

Eight Years With Hitler

The following documentary, courtesy of Sergeant Major, documents the captivating story of Herbert Dohring’s eight years as Adolf Hitler’s property administrator.

Dohring was a member of the SS and Hitler’s house administrator at the Berghof on Obersalzberg from 1935 to 1943. In this interview from 1999, Dohring describes for the first time in detail how he remembers his time at the Berghof. The interview was recorded in 1999 and never published until June 04, 2022. Dohring died in 2001. Here’s more.

The Forbidden Doctrine

There have been many mystical orders that claimed to posses ancient esoteric knowledge that has survived until the modern day, veiled in symbolism and guarded by secret societies that allegedly utilized these occult practices for achieving physical vitality, psychic endowment, spiritual enlightenment, and establishing their covert political agenda. More from Robert Sepehr, author and anthropologist.

Otzi Revisionist Propaganda

Styxhexenhammer666 examines instance of revisionist propaganda and anthropology. We have Otzi the Iceman, who anthropologists described as small and dark. Some interpreted that to mean he was African, but now it’s becoming clear he more likely hailed from southern Europe.  Says Styx, “He was dark- yes, as he was likely central Italian.”

Also, how did Islamic rings make it into Viking burials? Did Islamic individuals live with the Vikings? Or were these merely trinkets found or bartered?

Celtic Origins

The Celts or Celtic people were comprised of a collection of Indo-European clans that can be identified by their languages, music, dance, textiles, symbols, religious practices and other cultural similarities overseen by Druids, members of the high-ranking priestly class in ancient Celtic cultures. Here’s more from Robert Sepehr, author and anthropologist.

Magicians Of The Temple

The Knights Templar were a religious military order that were established during the time of the Crusades and said to have attained esoteric alchemical knowledge during their time in Jerusalem. What were their true origins and relationship to the Temple in the Holy land form which their name was derived? What were their occult beliefs and what was their impact on secret societies that allegedly succeeded them?

Rex Deus (Latin: “God Kings”) are a group of European aristocratic families allegedly descended from the family lines of the 24 High Priests of the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. Here’s more from Robert Sepehr, author and anthropologist.

Humanity’s Origin

In this vintage 1998 video, E’Asha A. Arhayas explains what was then and still is today a controversial history of humanity’s origin.

Arhayas explains that we live in a 15-dimensional matrix, composed of five harmonic universes, all connected to the Yunasai, or God source, comprised of energy and an intelligent identity source. She says we live in the first of the five universes, called the Tauren time cycle, the slowest moving and pulsating  of the five harmonic universes.

“Our origins are very different than what science, at this time, has formulated there is around,” she says. “We did not come out of the apes, they came out of us. The early man, some of them were connected to us, others were completely independent races that evolved at different times with us.”  Here’s her fascinating report. As always, do your own research and use discernment when watching the video.

White Kalash Tribe Of Pakistan

Aryans once spread across much of Asia. A few lingering tribes attest to their former dominance — including the agricultural Kalash tribe of Pakistan as well as the Yazidi, a Kurdish-speaking tribe found primarily in Iraq. Here, author and anthropologist Robert Sepehr introduces the customs and practices of the Kalash, visited many times in years past by Lady Diana.

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