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The Lying Left-Wing Media

Liberal Hivemind says the release of the Jayland Walker video in Akron, Ohio, once again confirms how far the corrupt, left-wing media and social media activists will go to muddy the truth. When the story broke that Akron police had gunned down Walker, a black man, the media and Twitter grifters straight-out lied and misrepresented the facts of what actually happened, Liberal Hivemind says.

They described Walker as an innocent Door Dash driver, who was allegedly pulled over by Akron police for a mere traffic violation, when in fact cops moved in on him when noticing he was driving the same automobile involved in a felony car chase the day before. The media also failed to mention that Walker was wearing a ski mask when exiting the car to escape police. Why would a delivery driver be wearing a ski mask during a summer night, unless he was up to no good? Both facts were obvious convenient omissions by the media to push their “racist” narrative. More from Liberal Hivemind.

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