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Hell Breaks Loose On MSNBC

Hell is breaking loose on MSNBC as the fake news leftists realize exactly how poorly their team is going to do in the 2022 midterm elections. Do they acknowledge how hyperactive inflation and unfettered crime have driven voters to choose the Republicans?

Hell no! These Marxists prigs are still casting the election as a battle between good and evil, and, of course, they see the Democrats as embodiments of good and Republicans as evil Fascists! Nine of the dichotomy has anything to do with inflation, crime, open borders, or any other financial or social woes.

Here, Steve Turley demonstrates what’s wrong with the skewed thinking among these leftists, who have become so biased, they don’t even begin to report the news anymore. They simply spout propaganda to benefit the so-called “liberals.” There’s no more stunning example of MSNBC’s poisoned milieu than the toxic Tiffany Cross, who was such a rancid turd, even MSNBC had to squeeze her out!

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