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Dems About To Lose Bigly

Even leftist pundit Bill Maher can read the tea leaves: He’s predicting the Woke left will suffer bigly at the ballot boxes come Tuesday night. There’s a major storm brewing, a red Tsunami, and voters are drifting into the Republican camp as the depths of Joe Biden’s rampant inflation and unchecked crime strike fear and anger into the hearts of bread-earning families. Even fake news hosts and pundits are beginning to realize what kind of massive defeat their allies will suffer.

Meet the Press
’ Chuck Todd says Biden just hit low approval ratings — a new all-time low — with independent voters. Democrat strategist Hilary Rosen tells Bakari Sellers and CNN’s Dana Bash that the Democrats are in major trouble in the midterm elections for ignoring voters concerns. Ronna McDaniel, chair of the Republican National Committee, tells Dana Bash who the real deniers are.

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle ditches her script and tells New York Gov. Kathy Hochul how bad the state’s rampant crime has gotten to her shocked face on live TV. Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough realizes too late that the majority of Americans don’t agree with Democrats on the issue of transgender athletes, like Lia Thomas, being able to compete against biological women. Joy Reid says that voters only complain about US inflation and the cost of living because Republicans taught them to.

Blake Masters makes a blunt request of Mark Kelly for his failure to do anything about the southern border crisis. Sunny Hostin of The View gets into an argument with co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin after she responded to the GOP gaining support from suburban women voters by comparing them to cockroaches voting for Raid. Michigan gubernatorial hopeful Tudor Dixon tells Dan Bongino that Hostin’s comments are very reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” comment. More from David Rubin of The Rubin Report.

Hell Breaks Loose On MSNBC

Hell is breaking loose on MSNBC as the fake news leftists realize exactly how poorly their team is going to do in the 2022 midterm elections. Do they acknowledge how hyperactive inflation and unfettered crime have driven voters to choose the Republicans?

Hell no! These Marxists prigs are still casting the election as a battle between good and evil, and, of course, they see the Democrats as embodiments of good and Republicans as evil Fascists! Nine of the dichotomy has anything to do with inflation, crime, open borders, or any other financial or social woes.

Here, Steve Turley demonstrates what’s wrong with the skewed thinking among these leftists, who have become so biased, they don’t even begin to report the news anymore. They simply spout propaganda to benefit the so-called “liberals.” There’s no more stunning example of MSNBC’s poisoned milieu than the toxic Tiffany Cross, who was such a rancid turd, even MSNBC had to squeeze her out!

Sayonara Tapper, Smith, Cross

CNN announces it will cut Jake Tapper loose, while CNBC cancels the Trump-deranged former Fox newscaster Shepard Smith. How long before CNN also gives the axe to Don Lemon, whose mew morning news show is drawing microsopic audiences? My, how the mighty have fallen among the leftist fake news crews! More from Tim Pool, with assists from Luke Rudkowski and Danielle D’Souza.

MSNBC got into the act as well, firing the obnoxious Tiffany Cross, whose racist comments drew major backlash from conservatives. More from Mark Dice.

Americans See Media As ‘Threat’

An overwhelming majority of Americans view the media as a threat to democracy. That’s from a supposedly reliable source — a poll commissioned by The New York Times.

The poll found 59 percent of Americans consider the fake news “a major threat to democracy,” while another 25 percent consider the media as a minor threat. Only 15 percent put forth the so-called “journalists” as no threat at all.

Meanwhile, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes says that Biden has to make certain decisions to “Save Democracy” while another NBC News anchor learns the phrase “autocratic.” More from Robert Gouveia, Esquire.

We have seen solid evidence that Hispanics are abandoning the Democratic Party in droves. There also have been rumblings of discontent among blacks, particularly black men. Now, another major Democratic constituency is becoming splintered.

A new poll, again partially conducted on behalf of The New York Times,  found that independent women also have had enough with the Democrats’ extreme radicalism. Steve Turley relates the specifics and shares his take on what it means.


Deep Dark World Exposed

The [Deep State] is struggling. J6 is not working. The people are not buying what they are selling.

The [Deep State] is struggling and they want Trump indicted before the midterms. They have deployed everything they have but it is not working.

Truth Social is the bull horn. It’s getting strong and stronger as the truth comes out. The people will learn that world they live in is deep and dark and those in control are criminals. Once the people learn the truth, the game is over. More from the X22 Report.

The Joke’s On Us

Democrats and their fake news allies gather round to discuss how liberating it can be to pee your own pants. More from The United Spot.

Hypocrisy Airlines

It’s ok to transport migrants in the middle of the night all over the country but deliver them to posh Democrat Sanctuary cities and resorts? That’s KIDNAPPING! More from Tiberius Maximus.

She’s A Genius

MSNBC’s Joy Reid interviews Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the perils of climate change. This is the kind of interview that will forever change the face of science! More from The United Spot.

Marching Orders

MSNBC pushes political violence against MAGA after Pedo Hitler’s speech. More from The Salty Cracker.

Will Raid Backfire On Democrats

MSNBC and the uber-left Rachel Maddow crowd are cheering like a bunch of damn seals over the raid on Mar-a-Lago, but Liberal Hivemind suggests the celebration might well be short-lived.

He says there already is a parade of fair-minded liberal voices speaking out against the illegality of the raid and calling the Biden Administration a corrupt, government establishment. Can you say backfire? Here’s more from Liberal Hivemind.


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