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Identity Of AntiChrist Revealed

A New York-born Jew called Yanuka Rav Schlomo Yahuda has been declared by Israel to be their long awaited Messiah. They believe he’s the man whom the Talmud says that his arrival will usher in the complete enslavement of the human race.

Covid, the Abomination-Shot, all of it has been engineered to lobotomize the jabbed, hook them up to the mainframe, so they’ll become obedient programmable slaves to the Beast System.

They believe the subjugation of the human race is their destiny, and they’ve enacted a plan spawned by Lucifer himself to make it come to pass. I’m exposing it all in this video, you are not gonna want to miss it. More from Son of Enos.

HE PERFORMS MIRACLES!! Israel’s Messiah?? 2022 The Yanuka Rav Shlomo Yehuda | Messiah Revealed 2022 Jizkiahu Den David | Moshiach is Here | Jiziahu Ben David. More from Sling and Stone.

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