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It’s The Vaccine!

The Red Elephants host Vincent James reports that doctors have narrowed down the cause of Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest following a routine tackle on Monday Night Football earlier this week to a rare 1-in-200 million-chance condition known as commotio cordis.

Vincent says this occurs when someone suffers trauma just at the right time between heartbeats, though he admits he has reservations about this rush to judgement. “You’d think that after 10,000 NFL games, over a million plays, millions of hits, millions of tackles that have taken place, you would have seen this before,” Vincent says. He breaks down his research and evidence, including those of frontline doctors who have been banned from social media, and concludes the culprit is the Covid vaccine. Here’s more.

Hamlin Update: Doctors at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center said Thursday that Damar Hamlin made “substantial progress” in the last 24 hours, so much so that he was able to ask medical staff, “Who won?” Monday night’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals. They said he is still unable to speak and is communicating by writing. He is still undergoing tests to determine the cause of his cardiac arrest.

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