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Did NFL Silence Damar Hamlin?

The much-anticipated interview of Buffalo Bills’ defensive back Damar Hamlin’s interview on “Good Morning America” (GMA) earlier this week was confounding, not for what he said, but for his silence.

It was Hamlin’s first national interview since his collapse before a primetime audience on Monday Night Football game in January. On set with GMA’s Michael Strahan, Hamlin was asked, “How did doctors describe what happened to you?” What followed was an unusually long pause, then Hamlin said, “That’s something I want to stay away from.”

The Highwire’s Del Bigtree says the obvious question was something Hamlin should of been prepared for. He speculates the silence was mere damage control influenced by the NFL. Says Bigtree, “Damar, I have to assume you were offered a large amount of money to not answer that question.” He further dissects the issue, plus features a comprehensive update on the toxic chemical explosion in Palestine, Ohio.

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