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Little Inch Worm: Glow!!!

The twin Krassenstein brothers, Brian and Ed, gained their notoriety taking potshots at former President Donald Trump. That was in the pre-Elon Musk days on Twitter, before the crazed leftoids banished an American president.

Now, the Krassensteins are back and they are rattling on about a pending National Day of Hate. Supposedly it’s being organized by a bunch of neo-Nazi groups. More likely, the FBI is up to its old tricks, stirring the pot and trying to ignite a little “glow.”

If this whispered National Day of Hate even happens, avoid it like the plague.

No one needs to be caught up in yet another FBI dragnet. Isn’t that derelict agency busy enough with its censorship drives, false flag travesties and working at the behest of a blubbering loser like Joe Biden to frame Trump? Here, Styxhexenhammer666 offers some sage advice.

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