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Situation Critical: Lurking Fed

The Federal Reserve begins “emergency” measures to stabilize the banking system. What does this mean? They have created a problem, now they will react to the problem and follow with a solution to the problem.

In other words, their zombie banking system is falling apart, and they know that concretely. Now, they will try to corral the dumb consumers, those who have lost enough money and confidence to “beg” the Federal Reserve to go ahead and do what the Reserve wants to do anyway: Namely, implement “emergency” measures that will never be lifted again.

These will be the exact “emergency” measures that the Federal Reserve wanted to implement all along. More from Gregory Mannarino at

The Bear Traps Report founder Larry McDonald argues current market conditions ‘guarantee’ a recession.  He issues what he calls a “bloodvurdling” reaction to the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank. More from Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business News.

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