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Polls: Democrats Are Doomed!

On The Fringe’s Dan Radiostyle reports the Democrat Party numbers are so horrific, they are doomed to fail in coming elections. According to a number of polls, the electorate’s faith in President Biden has dipped into the 30 percentile among his own party, the 20s with independents and Republicans have lost complete faith in him.

The coming 2022 midterms and 2024 general election appear to be safely in the GOP camp, but Radiostyle offers a caveat: “From the standpoint of the polls, the Dems are doomed. But if we don’t show up to vote in numbers, we will lose.” Harkening back to the 2020 election, Radiostyle says the reason Democrats had to cheat so much, is because of the incredible number of Republicans that showed up to vote. He explains further and also reports on the Deep State running out of options, the latest on the Arizona forensic audit and chicanery at the Federal Reserve.

The Calm Before The Storm?

Is this the calm before the storm? Will Joe Biden’s policies ruin the great American economy? More from Trish Regan.

Port Chaos: Shipping Crisis

Bob Kudla joins RedPill78 for their monthly meet to discuss all things financial, including the collapse of China’s Evergrande, what it means, the shipping chaos and the implications for war with Taiwan. The conversation also gets into the Fed pushing people into crypto and the connection between the jab and cancer confirmed and explained.

The demise of the Biden presidency, empty shelves, empty promises, threats, and lies. Plus the victories of those who refuse to submit. More from Lori Colley.

Just How Dirty Is The Fed?

Bill Holter is a Financial writer and gold expert, Bill also helps individuals purchase and store precious metals. He collaborates with Jim Sinclair. Bill begins the conversation talking about Evergrande, discussing how this could become another Lehman moment. Then Bill talks about how dirty the Fed really is and since the two Fed Presidents were caught trading, people can see it all. The supply chain is in trouble and the economy is falling apart on [Joe Biden’s] watch. The people see it all. More from the X22 Report Spotlight.

Financial Crisis Looming

With inflation barreling out of control, the Federal Reserve announced it expects to raise interest rates several times beginning later this year and into 2023. It’s a decision that doesn’t sit well with Rana Vig, CEO of Blue Lagoon Resources, who says jacking rates will devastate our economy.

“The reality today is, the government is in so much debt, it cannot raise interest rates,” Vig says. He says we’re now  facing a $30 trillion deficit and, if interest rates only went up 5 percent, that would incur $1.5 trillion interest payments alone. “The U.S. government would become insolvent,” he says.

Meanwhile, World Alternative Media’s Josh Sigurdson reports that countless experts are running from fiat and getting into gold, silver and Bitcoin. There appears to be a significant monetary revolution happening. The question is, when will the boom happen? Here’s more with Sigurdson and Vig.

Military Is The Way Forward

Redpill78 begins with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the election cases. We have always known that the military was the only way forward. The Supreme Court made a ruling on Trump’s taxes. This will boomerang on the [Deep State] and the corrupt politicians. The election fraud will need to be addressed before the next elections. The [Deep State] is panicking. They are hiding behind fences and guards. We are being brought to the precipice of destruction. More from the X22 Report.

McAllister TV offers a two-part special bringing together Gene Decode and Sarge from Icons to cover some burning, contemporary mysteries. Did the Federal Reserve get shut down? Is it fog or smoke that has been filling the skyline in Washington DC? Has millions, perhaps billions of dollars worth of gold been seized from the global Cabal? Are leaders of that repugnant sect being exterminated? What’s happening underground as the U.S. Army and Marines seize the Deep Underground Military Bases or DUMBs?

Here is the opening video. There are a few audio problems near the end of the broadcast, but McAllister TV hopes to fix those before releasing the second, concluding video.



We’re All Debt Slaves

Black Pigeon Speaks delves into the closeted world of Central Bankers, the private bodies like the Federal Reserve System in the United States.  These bankers act like they are doing business for the public, when they are actually making and breaking bread over our backs. Here’s how they operate.

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Spies Like Us

In Pursuit of Truth outlines the mess we’re in — a mess that has to do with excessive and sometimes illegal spying upon Americans. We’re not only talking about everyday Americans, but House members and Senators, the President, the Department of Justice, major arms of the federal government. The CIA is behind a lot of it, and that agency’s over-reaching accelerated under former CIA Director John Brennan. He served as the “quarterback” of a quite dangerous game of Spy vs. Spy.

Why do you think so many former CIA officers ran for the US House the past couple of years? They’re still trying to cover up their dirty, criminal activities!

Here, IPOT gets into how the CIA and the outgoing Obama administration as a whole weaponized surveillance laws in a mad and quite targeted — and deranged — attempt to bottleneck and bring down President Donald Trump.Why couldn’t Trump straighten it out quickly?

Because we had a Democratic judiciary, by and large. They were dirty and allowed this subterfuge to go on for many years. You all should remember how Obama used the IRS to target his political enemies, like Tea Party groups. That’s exactly what happened later, but on a much grander and more insidious level. Only now have enough judges been replaced to give us a cleaner judiciary, one that can tackle the mess surrounding the CIA.

Finally, we are fighting back against the demonic [Deep State.]  Yes, they are killers, child traffickers, drug dealing perverts. But to restore our country, we need to rid the government of these swine. We cannot allow them to drag America down to their Satanic level. We must identify them, and one by one, strip them of power and resources. More from And We Know News.

Are you ready to see how the Federal Reserve was created? TRUreporting lifts the clouds and brings the Federal Reserve to light. Yes, it’s a banking scam, run by Globalists, who used debt to undermine our federal government more than a century ago. Three major opponents — John Jacob Astor, Isidor Straus and Benjamin Guggenheim — died on board the Titanic, suggesting the sinking of that ship was not only preordained, but orchestrated to further this hoax. President Donald Trump is moving to revise this mechanism, but reform will not come easily.

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Why do journalists try to tell us how to think? Why don’t they get back to the business of reporting the truth? Here, Lori Colley dives into the morass surrounding Mika Brzezinski, who is perturbed because President Donald Trump is pointing to the suspicious death of an intern, found in the offices of Brzezsinki’s husband and TV co-host on MSNBC — Joe Scarborough.

Also, the CIA comes under discussion here, as more details begin to emerge showcasing just how rotten and derelict that den of spies has become. Colley has an interesting theory: She doesn’t believe John Brennan was the “quarterback” of the CIA’s ugly machinations against the Trump administration. Instead, she fingers Robert Eatinger, who was the CIA’s deputy general counsel for operations from 2009 to 2014. Keep an eye out for more news on Eatinger.

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Printing Money Doesn’t Work

Wreckless spending and the onset of the coronavirus pandemic have plunged the globe into $250 trillion in debt. Problem is, there is only about $50 trillion in coins and currency. And, the United States is taking on more debt during the crisis than any other country. So, what gives?

Economist Danielle DiMartino Booth says, “We’re being told that it’s all going to be fine, because you can just have the Federal Reserve finance all debt that’s being taken on.” But the consequences could be devastating. “I always adhere to (Milton Friedman’s) philosophy that there’s no such thing as a free lunch,” she says. “You can buy time. God knows we’ve seen a lot of time purchased but not paid for. So, yes, I think there will be ramifications.” Tune in to Valuetainment with Patrick Bet-David and Booth for more.

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What’s Up With Gold, Silver?

Andy Schectman, President of Miles Franklin, joins Sarah Westall to discuss the major moves that have occurred over the past year that give a clearer picture of what may be happening now and over the next year. We discuss J.P. Morgan’s obvious move to corner the silver market, the International Monetary Fund’s move to upgrade gold to a tier one asset (dollar has been the world’s only tier one asset for over 80 years) and we cover other important actions that have occurred and what that could mean to the world. You can learn more about Andy Schectman and his team @


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