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DeSantis Is Skull And Bones

Investigative journalist Laura Loomer reports that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was a member of secret societies when he attended Yale University, possibly the notorious Skull and Bones order and the higher level St. Elmo’s group.

Loomer, a recent guest on The Pete Santilli Show, says DeSantis was always complimentary of the Bush family, especially President George W. Bush, also a Skull and Bones alum whom he call the greatest Yalie ever.

Furthermore, Loomer says, when DeSantis was a JAG officer in the Navy, he worked closely with the Bush Administration overseeing torture at Guantanamo Bay during the Iraq War. Here’s more.

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2 thoughts on “DeSantis Is Skull And Bones

  1. Gerald on said:

    When will someone give something more than mere speculation about Ron DeSantis involvement in Skull and Bones or other secret societies?

    • Laura Loomer’s report was more than speculation. She definitively stated early on in the video that DeSantis was, in fact, a member of secret societies, especially Skull and Bones. And his role in overseeing torture at Guantanamo during the George W. Bush Administration was documented. As Q would say, “Trust the plan.” Soon the truth will be revealed. Thanks for your comment.

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