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Exposing Dr. Robert Malone

George Webb joins The Andy Dybala Show to discuss the truth behind alleged mRNA inventor and whistleblower Dr. Robert Malone. Webb, who was booted from a Malone event last weekend, and Dybala dig into the inconsistencies in the good doctor’s sketchy past and his possible association with the CIA.

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2 thoughts on “Exposing Dr. Robert Malone

  1. Okinochi on said:

    Malone is controlled opposition of the psychopaths in power (, everyone can see that .. just read & & & & & & Now, suddenly, he SELFISHLY presents HIMSELF as a “victim” of those ruling “bad guys” he’s been serving for decades (, and wants you to believe he’s a saint, and on your side.

    He knew in 2019 (!!) that the “Spike Protein” is highly toxic yet he did nothing to prevent its inclusion in Covid jabs ( & Yet he’s suing all sorts of people ( & & for “slandering” him with real truths about him. And, topping it off, he said in a written pieces that he holds the health truth movement up to a higher standard. What a complete hypocrite, deceiver, and psychopath! From being silent and inert, from knowingly hiding life-saving information, to wanting & being the “deserving” trustworthy leader in the truth movement.

    Since he knew at least since 2019 that the “Spike Protein” is highly toxic we can be certain that his publicized events of him getting a Covid “vaccine and a booster are fraudulent staged fake events. Him deceiving the public … you.

    • You make a very strong case, as does George Webb regarding Malone’s sketchy past and association with the CIA. Just another remind there are shills aplenty in our midst. Thanks for the analysis.

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