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Mayans Knew Of Saturn’s Rings

History tells us that Galileo first discovered Saturn’s magnificent rings in 1610. It turns out, the Mayan culture knew about the planetary phenomenon thousands of years before Galileo.

Everything Inside Me (EIM) ponders why the Maya connection is not part of our history books. He said it almost seems like some kind of cover-up is going on, where certain information is kept from the public to maintain the status quo. “Perhaps the history we are taught is a complete mess,” he says.

EIM also digs into the mystery of  13 Patagonia giant remains discovered in 2013, who were thought to be around 12-feet tall. The find was dismissed by Spanish scientists as belonging to Gigantopithecus, an extinct ape that lived in Asia. Thankfully, a Russian paleontologist studied photos of the skull and bones and concluded they didn’t match the standards of Gigantopithecus. The bones have since disappeared. More with EIM, who also takes a closer look at a redrawn map of the planet following the Great Flood.

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