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Soviets Never Went To Moon

An explosive interview clip, featuring former USSR cosmonaut Igor Petrovich Volk has surfaced, where he bluntly states the Soviet Union never journeyed into space, nor the moon, for that matter.

Volk, who received the Hero of the Soviet Union Medal for his service, tells Stoycho Kerev in the interview that the Soviet code of honor prevents cosmonauts from talking about what happens in space. “We’ve never been to space,” he said. “If someone says we have been, it is not true.” The interview aired in 2014, three years before Volk died in Bulgaria, in 2017.

Fast forward to a week ago and Kerev is the interviewee, and asked by a YouTuber if the Soviets ever went to the moon. “They did, but only in their wildest dreams,” he said. Here’s the interview, courtesy of the Xandrewx channel.

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