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Anatomy Of A Stolen Election

Gregg Phillips tells The Pete Santilli Show how he and his colleagues produced the controversial 2000 Mules documentary, perhaps the most successful political docs of all-time, which exposed how the Deep State and Democrat Party stole the 2020 Presidential election.

Phillips, who teamed with such luminaries as Dinesh D’Souza and Catherine Engelbrecht, served as executive producer for the film, as well as providing technology investigation, geo-fencing and data research. To date, 2000 Mules has received an incredible 35 million views online.

In the following video, Phillips and members of  the Santilli show’s “The Big Mig,” break down the anatomy of a stolen election. Phillips also reveals that a lawsuit filed by Konnech, a small Michigan-based election software company, has dismissed all charges against his Texas company True the Vote.

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