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Gene Decode: 4D/5D Earth

Gene Decode shares his fascinating insight on humanity’s future and our transition into the 4D/5D Earth. He tells the James Morrison podcast that life will be more natural, kind and considerate, especially to the civilizations of Inner Earth.

Decode says that in 4D, the damage that we inflicted on 3D will heal in short order and the Earth will be a more incredibly beautiful place. In 4D Earth, humanity will have financial systems; in 5D its irrelevant, because you will be able to will what you want. He says memories of our past lives and all we’ve been through–good and bad–will be a source of compassion and empathy, not judgement.

So what is our purpose in 5d? Says Decode, “To get ready to go beyond that, to planets and galaxies and solar systems, and being of high service to creation.”¬†Here’s more of the Morrison podcast, courtesy of the Real Gene Decode channel.

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