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UFOs Captured By Military?

Intelligence whistleblower David Grusch gave a bombshell report that the U.S. government not only has in its possession downed UFO crafts, but has even recovered alien bodies. The media is in a frenzy either trying to disprove his testimony or asking the big question: Are we alone? We have questions, as well. Is humanity on the verge of massive disclosure of extraterrestrial existence? Is this media hype all “controlled opposition” the purpose of which is to take hold of the UFO narrative?

Join Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts on this Edge Of Wonder show as they look back into the past of other government and military whistleblowers who have talked about UFOs and alien crashes. This week alone, there was a report of an unusual UFO and giant alien sightings. Is all of this setting the stage for Project Blue Beam, or is this the real deal?

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