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Elvis’ UFO Sighting!

The late songwriter and musician Sonny West recalls the day, in 1966, when he and Elvis Presley experienced a UFO sighting. West says Presley believed every minute of the encounter and said, “They’ll be back.” Video courtesy of Xandrewx.

Is “Q” Connected To God Source?

Is the Q-Anon operation connected to a divine source? Are there off-planet contributors? Is there a quantum computer involved? Join Laura Greenwood from Laura’s View and Tarot Too and McAllister TV’s Linda Paris. We ask the cards what the universe has to say!

Gene Decode: Aliens In Ukraine

Gene Decode tells Nicholas Veniamin that what’s happening in Ukraine is an alien incursion and it’s been going on for a long time.

Decode says the bloody footage seen on the major networks are actually full-blooded soldiers and hybrids. But you don’t see that anymore, because they’ve run out of bodies. A big chunk of the Ukrainian military, he says, are forces that are non-terrestrial from underground bases in Ukraine, comprised of Alpha Dracos, Grays, octopus-like creatures and other species. Decode explains further, plus brings more details about robots in our military, BRICS, Gesara, the looming new technological system, Elon Musk and the new financial system.

NASA, Aliens & The Moon

Retired Air Force veteran Richard Murray tells Nicholas Veniamin that the human state of existence is throughout the galaxy, in addition to other forms of life, and said there are at least 14 human civilizations living on Earth, information he obtained in 1975.

Murray said you can’t tell the difference between these people and those currently living on the planet. He also said there are Pleiadians and shape-shifting Reptilians among us, too. Murray brings us the details, plus discusses his art vocation and NASA, the moon and more aliens.

Why John Lennon Was Killed

Please join us for this Special X-Series Episode 138 as Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt goes deep into new research he has discovered linking the assassination of John Lennon to his political UFO File activities. He also shows how Lennon was engaged in clandestine research in Egypt with an expedition to find the Atlantean Hall of Records predicted by psychic Edgar Cayce.

The Cosmic Con

Gigi Young offers a new chapter in her Mars Mysteries series: The Cosmic Con. Here, she dives into the Nazi’s Thule Society and its ideas that Mars, and eventually Earth, were settled by aliens from the planet Aldebaran. She covers varied theorists and propagandists, ranging from Erich Von Daniken to Zecaria Sitchin.

Were there actually ancient gods in ancient times, who guided thinking and progress on Earth, while also pillaging our planet? If so, what are the relics they left behind? Gigi Young explores the myths as well as the possibilities.

A Rothschild Speaks Out!

In a bombshell Project Camelot report, Kerry Cassidy interviews a member of the notorious Rothschild family, who claims she is not from this planet, but arrived from a parallel universe.

Erin Rothschild, aka Erin Green, says she arrived in our universe with her husband and children, and her father, R.C. Green Sr., aka R.C. Rothschild. Erin says her father was head of the Rothschilds’ military shadow government, in charge of all black ops, such as MK Ultra and time travel, from the 1940s through the 1970s.

In the following video, courtesy of Todd50, Eric describes her unusual life as a Rothschild and, as always, judge the material for yourself.

Reptilian Humanoid Hybrids!

McAllister TV’s Linda Paris  takes a deep dive into an explanation of the Reptilian race, the Dulce Papers, Hillary’s jab, Lin Wood, walk-ins, human-Grey-Reptilian hybrids and tubs of hybrid fetuses attached to machines! And, she asks, “Will we have an election?” Here are the details.

Flying Alongside Demons

Reports are surfacing about unique night-vision–or interdimensional–goggles, used during the Vietnam War, which gave U.S. air forces the capability to tap into the astral realm where they allegedly encountered other-dimensional demons and beings.

In the following feature, courtesy of 99Percent, the goggles contained dicyanin dye, said to make light waves beyond the human eye capability visible. The dye changes wavelength, known as fluorescence, absorbs invisible light, uses some of its energy and then remits it in the visible range, all in an instant, so it appears immediate in real time.

Veterans were so traumatized by the experience to the point where the goggles were banned in the U.S.  Here’s more, and please use discretion when viewing the video.

World War II Nazi Orbs!

Philadelphia Experiment! Alex Collier! Nazi Orbs! Milab abductions! Caged children! Super Soldiers! Consciousness Transfer! James Rink and Anthony Zender! Reptilian shapeshifters! 4th dimensional shift! Be careful whom you follow! More from McAllister TV.

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