Call Me Stormy

Finding righteous currents in turbulent times

Emotional Tension Ahead

Clif High offers a forecast of groundbreaking events ahead through the summer and fall. He believes disclosures about space aliens — the El — and their role in the history of the Earth will become dominant by August.

Financial crises will take center stage in the fall, not only including a major stock market upheaval but also a new round of bank failures. There will be an attempt made to launch a global digital currency, but this will be fraught by problems as well.

Just how severe will these monetary crashes become? Tensions will be high, so high they could be cut by a knife, says High. He predicts an ongoing and global breakdown that will see international organizations like the United Nations and World Health Organization completely stripped of cash.

Here’s more in a candid chat from Clif High, presented by Republic Rising.

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