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Wagner Group Retreats To Belarus

Go with the Russian Private military company Wagner as they leave Rostov after they spent a day controlling part of this Russian city.   Who was with Wagner when leaving Rostov?

The people of Rostov were with them. Prigozhin (the leader of Wagner) was with them and I was with them to show the world the facts on the ground that the Western main stream media will not. I even was able to speak to Prigozhin about the day’s events and got an exclusive comment.

My name is Patrick Lancaster and I think you deserve more then what the Western main stream media is willing to show you. I think you need to see information for both sides of the contact line.

Why does the Western mainstream media think the world does not deserve to see reports from both sides of the Ukraine War frontline? Why do they only show you(almost all the time) things that are positive for Ukraine? Why, when any English Speaking journalists try and show things in Russian-controlled territory. they are attacked and attempted to be smeared by the Western MSM? Think about it!!

Evgeny Prigozhin accepted the proposal of President Alexander Lukashenko to stop the movement of armed men of Wagner in Russia and take further steps to de-escalate tension. Here’s more from RT, the Russian state-controlled television network.

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